Penn Sleep Administrative, Business, Research and Statistics Teams

Administrative and Academic Support

Personnel Title
Sarah Weston Administrative Assistant to Dr. Schwab, Division Chief
Stefanie Cordoue Clinical Sleep Medicine Fellowship Coordinator

Dhelmarys Ortiz


Administrative Services Associate




Personnel Title
Anou Ayene Director, Research/ Clinical Administration and Finance
Crystal Allen Financial Administrative Coordinator
Maureen Helwig Grants Manager
Mandy Marziani Coordinator, Grant and Financial Administration


Research and Statistics

Personnel Title
Beth Staley, RST Clinical Research Project Manager, Lab and IT Lead
Yi Sun, RPSGT Clinical Research Lab Sleep Technologist
Colleen Walsh, MS Clinical Research Coordinator
Shruti Desai Clinical Research Coordinator


Kristie Nguyen


Clinical Research Coordinator

William Wieland, RPSGT Clinical Project Manager
Andrew Wiemken Clinical Research Specialist
Xiaofeng "Sophie' Guo, PhD Senior Research Specialist
Polina Fenik Research Specialist
Sarah Khan Research Specialist
Ewa Strus Research Specialist
Robert Komlo Research Specialist
Brendan Keenan Co-Director of the Biostatistical Core
David Maislin Biostatistical Analyst 
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