Undergraduate, Medical and Nursing Schools, Fellowships, Graduate Education, and Trainee Research Opportunities

The Division of Sleep Medicine, Department of Neuroscience, and Department of Psychiatry (Perelman School of Medicine), the Chronobiology and Sleep Institute, the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, and other Penn Schools are committed to helping undergraduate, graduate students, and trainees explore their interests in sleep medicine and research.

There are educational, clinical, and research opportunities available through Penn’s many schools and Centers. For example, medical students at the Perelman School of Medicine receive approximately 8 hours of sleep medicine and circadian rhythm education during their first two preclinical years. Those interested in learning more about sleep medicine are encouraged to enroll in a one-week elective (the Frontiers course) available during their 4th year.

Sleep-related undergraduate, medical and nursing school courses, graduate and post-doctoral programs, fellowships, and a wide variety of research opportunities are offered by faculty from the many Penn schools, Centers, and Institutes.

A Sleep Medicine Fellowship is offered by the Division of Sleep Medicine.

Behavioral Sleep Medicine, Online Continuing Medical Education, and Advanced Practitioner Education courses also are available.

For information about NIH or other funded training grant positions, please contact Dan Barrett.

For more information, please explore the faculty, education, and research tabs on these websites: