Consultations & Clinical Care

The PCWBW provides clinical consultations and evaluations regarding psychotropic medications in pregnancy and lactation, postpartum and antepartum depression and anxiety, and mood disorders specific to the menstrual cycle and menopausal transition. These evaluations can function as a one-time comprehensive consultation only, or as an ongoing resource for patients during a difficult period. Emotional difficulties are those related to pregnancy, postpartum depression, infertility, miscarriage, midlife changes, or chronic or serious illness, as well as symptoms of depression or anxiety, grief or loss, and relationship difficulties. These in-depth psychological and psychiatric evaluations can determine the most appropriate course of treatment. We also work closely with referring physicians to design the best treatment plan for each individual.

Dr. C. Neill Epperson, a national expert on women's mental health issues, founded the center in 2009.  Now the PCWBW is made up of an accomplished group of psychiatrists, psychologists, and administrative and research personnel. Our clinicians provide the option for ongoing management of psychological or psychiatric care using a full range of therapeutic options. These therapeutic options include psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, couples therapy, and psychopharmacology.

Outpatient services are available 5 days per week at our main location in University City.  We also offer services one day per week at Penn Medicine Washington Square in Center City. If you would like to learn more about our services, make a referral, or schedule an appointment, please call our Patient Services Manager at 215-573-8886 or send an email to

Additionally, women's health issues, especially those related to pregnancy, the postpartum period, and the menopause, may strongly influence family life. In collaboration with the PCWBW, the Center for Couples and Adult Families (CCAF) at Penn offers couples consultations, couples therapy, and sex therapy for couples experiencing stress due to issues of reproductive life. For more information, please visit the CCAF website.


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