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Penn Faculty Panel Confronts Barriers to Inclusion and Diversity

Dr. Sara Kornfield, clinical psychologist, comments on infant feeding practices during the baby formula shortage.  Click here.

Dr. Sara Kornfield is interviewed by the Alan Weil on the Health Affairs podcast about her recent paper on mental health and resilience in the perinatal period.  Click here.

Dr. Sara Kornfield, discusses the impact of COVID on pregnant and postpartum women and their children, Click here.  And Click here.


handsDr. Epperson, the former Director of the Penn Center for Women's Behavioral Wellness sat as a panel member at the University Health Equity Symposium. The symposium drew attention to the importance of inclusion and diversity in medical education and research on both a national and local level. Click here to read highlights from the event.

Shedding More Light on PPD

sad cartoonDr. Kim, a psychiatrist with the Penn Center for Women's Behavioral Wellness was featured by Penn Medicine to discuss postpartum depression and a 4-step process for proper diagnosis. Click here to read the article

Flibanserin: The Female Viagra Discussed with Philly Mag

heart pillsDr. Epperson was interviewed by Sandy Hingston of Philadelphia Magazine regarding her thoughts on the implications of a new FDA-approved drug for female libido and root causes for hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) in women. Click here to read the entire article 

Dr. Epperson Interviewed by Fox 29 for Insight on Postpartum Depression

haydenDr. Epperson spoke with Fox29 Weekend to shed light on a widely undiscussed topic, Postpartum Depression. PPD has come into the spotlight recently due to Hayden Panetierre sharing news that she was seeking treatment for the condition last fall. Click here to view the interview 

Dr. Epperson Featured in UPenn Department of Psychiatry Newsletter

Dr. EppersonDr. Epperson discusses the decline in executive functioning post-menopause and the effectiveness of a psychostimulant called lisdexamfetamine. 
Click here to access the Departmental Newsletter

Dr. Epperson and Study Participant Interviewed about the Effectiveness of Psychostimulant by CBS-3

pillsDr. Epperson and study participant Leigh Costigan were interviewed by CBS-3. Ms. Cositgan spoke first-hand about her experience with the study drug and Dr. Epperson spoke about the study findings and success. 
Click here to see the news segment

Effectiveness of Vyvanse Featured in Medscape Medical News

ladyDr. Epperson discusses the results of her double-blind, placebo-controlled crossover study using Vyvanse® to treat post-menopausal women suffering from a decline in attention, memory, problem solving and time management. Women all experienced the onset of symptoms after going through the menopause transition. Click here to read the article

PCWBW Featured by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

handsSAMHSA interviewed Dr. Epperson regarding the Center's clinical initiatives and research studies. The article covers the PCWBW's lifespan approach to women's wellness using a private practice model. Click here to read the feature 

Timing and Range of Maternal Mental Illness

ppdThe New York Times posted an article which focuses on the many aspects of postpartum depression. PCWBW's Perinatal Chief, Dr. Kim and Director, Dr. Epperson, also published an article with Dr. Katherine Wisner (quoted in the NY Times article) on postpartum depression. 
Click here to be redirected to Dr. Kim's publications page and to read the article on Postpartum Depression

Treatment Considered for Menopausal Women Who Can't Focus

Dr. EppersonDr. Epperson was interviewed by Stacey Burling at thePhiladelphia Inquirer about her research on menopausal women with memory and attention complaints. 
Click here to read the article

Premature Menopause May Effect Women's Brains

fgPhilly.com reported on the relationship between early menopause (before age 50) and decline in psychomotor coordination as well as memory.
Click here to read the article

Should Severe Premenstrual Symptoms Be Considered a Mental Disorder?

peopleDr. Epperson was interviewed by NPR to discuss her thoughts on severe PMS/PMDD being classified as a mental health disorder. 
Click here to read the interview 

Postpartum Depression Treatment

ppdDr. Lindsay Sortor was interviewed by CBS Philly's John McDevitt regarding treatment for postpartum depression.
Click here to read the interview

The New Normal: Adjustment After Cancer

ask the docDr. Lindsay Sortor, PCWBW senior staff psychologist, was featured in the A Woman's Health e-publication of Ask the Doctor.Dr. Sortor weighed in on topics from the psychological effects of a cancer diagnosis on the patient to the important role of caregivers and partners. Click here for the article

"The questions you always wanted to ask your mother..."

fhDr. Epperson spoke at the Fountain House Associates 3rd annual Spring breakfast entitled "Between The Sheets." Dr. Epperson spoke about various topics including age and sex drive, medications that affect sexual behavior and treatment options for common sexual dysfunctions. Click here for review

Treating Depression During Pregnancy

ladyDr. Epperson was interviewed for a March 2013 article in Fit Pregnancy, which discussed how expectant mothers can help fight depression during pregnancy. In addition to medications, several other therapies have been studied, including light therapy and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), Dr. Epperson said. Click here to download the full article

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