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By visiting this website you are demonstrating that you are a woman who cares about her emotional well-being. You have joined women across the nation in recognizing that a woman must attend to her emotional and psychological needs in order to be truly healthy. We at the Penn Center for Women's Behavioral Wellness (PCWBW) welcome you and encourage you to search this site for information regarding our clinical services, research opportunities, and how you can promote new knowledge in women's behavioral health by becoming a Patron of Change. You can use this website to keep up-to-date on the news in women's behavioral wellness and link to other important websites. You may also sign up to receive our email newsletter providing highlights of recent medical discoveries and how these findings may relate to your health and psychological well being. Again, welcome to the Penn Center for Women's Behavioral Wellness.

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Special Announcements

How it feels to be a new mother in these pandemic times

For the past pandemic year, everyone has been worried about somebody, it seems.  Dr. Wanjiku Njoroge has been worried about new mothers in particular, and the potential long-term consequences of living against the backdrop of COVID-19.

Recent Study Results Featured on CBS3

Dr. Neill Epperson, MD and a study participant Leigh Costigan were recently interviewed regarding the results of a study utilizing a drug called Vyvanse® to offset memeory and attention issues that many women face during or after the menopause transition. Ms. Costigan and Dr. Epperson spoke with Stephanie Stahl of CBS3 and the entire news segment can be viewed by clicking here.