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Cynthia J. Mollen, MD, MSCE

Cynthia J. Mollen, MD, MSCE

faculty photo
Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Department: Pediatrics

Contact information
3535 Market Street
Room 1418
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 2155901296
Fax: 2155904454
B.A. (Biological Sciences)
Cornell University, 1991.
Cornell University, 1995.
M.S.C.E (Clinical Epidemiology)
University of Pennsylvania, 2002.
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Selected Publications

Samuels-Kalow M, Rhodes, K, Henien M, Hardy E, Moore T, Wong FM, Carmago CA, Rizzo C, Mollen CJ: Development of a patient-centered outcome measure for emergency department asthma patients. Acad Emerg Med 24(5): 511-522, May 2017 Notes: Editor-in-Chief Pick of the Month (May 2017).

Mollen CJ, Henien M, Jacobs L, Myers S: Parent perceptions on transfers to pediatric emergency departments and the role of telemedicine. Pediatr Emerg Care Dec 2016 Notes: Epub ahead of print.

Cooper AS, Friedlaender E, Levy SE, Bradford AB, Wells KE, Mollen CJ: The implications of brain MRI in Autism Spectrum Disorder. J Child Neurol 31(14): 1611-1616, Dec 2016.

Lewis VJ, Mollen CJ, Forke CM, Peter NG, Pati S, Medina SP, Johnson SE: Black adolescent females’ perceptions of racial discrimination when accessing reproductive and general health care. Sage Open July-Sept: 1-10, Sept 2016 Notes: Online only: http://sgo.sagepub.com/content/spsgo/6/3/2158244016666605.full.pdf?ijkey=oNQMzW6J8oBAfav&keytype=finite.

Wolff M, Balamuth F, Sampayo E, Mollen C: Improving adolescent pelvic inflammatory disease follow-up from the emergency department: randomized controlled trial with text messages. Ann Emerg Med 67(5): 602-609.e3, May 2016.

Samuels-Kalow M, Hardy E, Rhodes K, Mollen C: "Like a dialogue": Teach-back in the emergency department. Patient Educ Couns 99(4): 549-554, April 2016.

Samuels-Kalow M, Rhodes K, Uspal J, Smith AR, Hardy E, Mollen C: Unmet needs at the time of emergency department discharge. Acad Emerg Med 23(3): 279-287, March 2016.

Fong H, Bennett CE, Mondestin V, Scribano PV, Mollen C, Wood JN: Caregiver perceptions about mental health services after child sexual abuse. Child Abuse Negl 51: 284-294, January 2016.

Miller MK, Champassak S, Goggin K, Kelly P, Dowd MD, Mollen CJ, Humiston SG, Linebarger J, Apodaca TR: Brief behavioral intervention to improve adolescent sexual health: a feasibility study in the emergency department. Pediatr Emerg Care 32(1): 17-19, January 2016.

Lee S, Matone M, Dowshen N, Mollen CJ: Variation in practice of expedited partner therapy (EPT) for adolescents by state policy environment. J Adolesc Health 57(3): 348-50, September 2015.

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