Paul A. Liebman, M.D.

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Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics
Department: Biochemistry and Biophysics

Contact information
Room 143 Anatomy-Chemistry Bldg
School of Medicine
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6058
Office: (215) 898-6917
Fax: (215) 573-8093
Carnegie Institute of Technology, 1951.
B.S. (Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology)
University of Pittsburgh, 1954.
Johns Hopkins, Medical Center, 1958.
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Description of Research Expertise

1. Analysis of misfolding of signaling proteins upon loss of their obligatory small ligand. Role of misfolding in biological aging
2. Thermodynamics, kinetics and protein-protein contact mechanism of signal transduction proteins.
3. Computational modeling, complex systems analysis of simultaneous actions of GTP'ase activator protein, phosducin, arrestin and receptor phosphorylation in signal transduction.
4. Rich interplay of analytical math, biophysical instrumentation, reaction chemistry and physics, molecular graphics computing, dual wavelength kinetic spectroscopy, intrinsic tryptophan and tyrosine fluorescence dynamic and static light scattering, centrifugal and gel filtration polymer size analysis, microcalorimetry, CD, osmotic stress, hydrostatic pressure plus all the standard wet lab preparation techniques.

Selected Publications

Eckenhoff RG., Tanner JW., Liebman PA.: Cooperative binding of inhaled anesthetics and ATP to firefly luciferase. Proteins 42(4): 436-41, Mar 1 2001.

Zelent, B., Veklich,Y., Murray, J., Gibson, S.K., Parkes, J.H. and Liebman, P.A: Rapid irreversible misfolding due to kinetic bottleneck preceding a Mg “lock” in sustained nucleotide binding to G proteins. Biochemistry, in press 2001.

Ishizawa Y., Sharp R., Liebman PA., Eckenhoff RG.: Halothane binding to a G protein coupled receptor in retinal membranes by photoaffinity labeling. Biochemistry 39(29): 8497-502, Jul 25 2000.

Gibson SK., Parkes JH., Liebman PA.: Phosphorylation modulates the affinity of light-activated rhodopsin for G protein and arrestin. Biochemistry 39(19): 5738-49, May 16 2000.

Baehr, W. and Liebman, P.A: Visual Cascade. Encyclopedia of Life Sciences, Macmillan References Ltd A225: 1-11, 2000.

Eckenhoff, R.G., Tanner, J.W., Liebman, P.A: Mechanism of anesthetic-induced destabilization of soluble proteins. Progress in Anesthetic Mechanism 6: 154-164, 2000.

Ishizawa, Y., Liebman, P.A., and Eckenhoff, R.G: General volatile anesthetic binding to a ligand binding site of G protein coupled receptor. Molecular Pharmacology submitted 2000.

Ishizawa, Y., Liebman, P.A., and Eckenhoff, R.G: Binding of the volatile anesthetic chloroform to a G protein coupled receptor. Journal of Biological Chemistry submitted 2000.

Ishizawa, Y., Sharp, R., Liebman, P.A., and Eckenhoff, R.G: Photoaffinity labeling of halothane in a G protein coupled receptor. Progress in Anesthetic Mechanism 6: 404-407, 2000.

Parkes JH., Gibson SK., Liebman PA.: Temperature and pH dependence of the metarhodopsin I-metarhodopsin II equilibrium and the binding of metarhodopsin II to G protein in rod disk membranes. Biochemistry 38(21): 6862-78, May 25 1999.

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