Jo Buyske

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Adjunct Professor of Surgery
Department: Surgery

Contact information
Wright-Saunders W266
Presbyterian Medical Center of the
University of Pennsylvania Health System
39th & Market Streets
Philadelphia, PA 19104-4283
Office: 2159929711
Fax: 2152434649
B.A. (English)
Cornell University , 1981.
Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, 1987.
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Selected Publications

Cussatti EH, Buyske J. : Laparoscopic hiatal herniorrhaphy: Results of gastrostomy/gastropexy in selected patients. Poster presentation, SAGES Meeting March 2003.

Cussatti EH, Buyske J. : Does inadvertent esophagotomy during laparoscopic Heller myotomy result in poor outcomes? Poster presentation, SAGES Meeting March 2003.

Buyske J. : Gastrectomy. In Therapeutic Laparoscopy for Digestive Disease. New York: Springer Verlag in press. MacFayden B (eds.). 2003.

Friedberg J, Mick R, Stevenson J, Metz J, Zhu T, Buyske J, Smith D, Culligan M, Sterman D, Pass H, Glatstein E, Hahn S. : A Phase I Study of Foscan-mediated Photodynamic Therapy and Surgery in Patients with Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma. (Presented at American Thoracic Surgery, Fort Lauderdale, Florida) January 2002.

Velidedeogul E, Williams N, Brayman K, Desai N, Campos L, Palanjian M, Wocjik M, Bloom R, Grossman R, Mange K, Buyske J, Barker C, Naji A, Markmann J. : A Study to Compare Standard Open Nephrectomy, Laparoscopic Nephrectomy and Hand-Assisted Laparoscopic Live-Donor Nephrectomy. (Presented at Eight World Congress of Endoscopic Surgery, New York, New York) March 2002.

Velidedeoglu E, Williams N, Brayman KL, Desai NM, Campos L, Palanjian M, Wocjik M, Bloom R, Grossman R, Mange K, Buyske J, Barker CF, Naji A, Markmann JF. : Surgical options for live-donor nephrectomy. Transplantation Proceedings 33(7-8): 3789-3790, December 2001.

Buyske J., Larson RA. : “Hernia.” Chap. 10 in The Surgical Review: An Integrated Basic and Clinical Science: Study Guide. Philadelphia: Lippincott, Williams, & Wilkins. Kreisel, Krupnick, & Kaiser (eds.). Page: 159-173, 2001.

Buyske J: Role of Video-Assisted Techniques in Staging Malignant Diseases. In “Multidisciplinary Approach to Cancer.” Surg Clin NA 80: 2, April 2000.

Fogt F, Zimmerman RL, Buyske J. : Inflammatory fibroid polyp of the gallbladder. Histopathology 33(6): 583-584, December 1998.

McDonald MP, Munson J, Sanders L, Tsao J, Buyske J. : Consequences of the Lost Gallstone. Surgical Endoscopy 11(7): 774-777, July 1997.

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