Rhonda C. Boyd, Ph.D.

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Associate Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Psychologist, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA
Associate Director, Child and Adolescent Mood Program, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Assistant Director, Youth Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Research Center, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Department: Psychiatry

Contact information
Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
3440 Market Street, Suite 200
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: (215) 590-3945
B.Sc. (Psychology)
Brown University, 1992.
M.A. (Psychology)
University of Iowa, 1995.
Ph.D. (Psychology)
University of Iowa, 1998.
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Description of Research Expertise

Dr. Boyd’s research focuses on depression among youth and perinatal women. She has a line of research examining maternal depression, especially postpartum depression, among women of color and their children and developing preventive interventions aimed at these families. She also conducts research on risk and protective factors among youth, especially Black adolescents, with a recent focus on understanding youth depression and suicidal ideation and behaviors.

Description of Clinical Expertise

Her expertise is in providing cognitive-behavioral therapy, especially with child and adolescent internalizing disorders. She specializes in the evaluation and treatment of youth with depression and suicide risk.

Selected Publications

Guevara JP, Morales K, Mandell D, Mogul M, Charidah T, Luethke M, Min J, Clark R, Betancourt L, Boyd R. : Social media-based parenting program for women with postpartum depressive symptoms: an RCT. Pediatrics. Pediatrics 151(3): e2022058719, 2023.

Boyd, R.C., Barcak, D., Morales, K.H., Mandell, D., Mogul, M., Charidah, T., Luethke, M., Min, J., Betancourt, L. : Use and acceptability of Moodgym for postpartum depression in pediatric settings. General Hospital Psychiatry 84: 1-2, 2023.

Boyd RC, Jones JD, Makol BA, De Los Reyes A, Hatkevich CE, Benton TD. : Parent-youth convergence (and divergence) in reports about pediatric quality of life. Quality of Life Research 32: 2551–2560, 2023.

Jackson, S.Z., Pinto-Martin, J.A., Deatrick, J.A., Boyd, R., Souders, M.C. : High depressive symptoms, low family functioning, and low self-efficacy in mothers of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder compared to two control groups. Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association. June 16 2022.

Williamson AA, Soehner AM, Boyd RC, Buysse DJ, Harvey AG, Jonassaint CR, Franzen PL, Goldstein TR. : A protocol for applying health equity-informed implementation science models and frameworks to adapt a sleep intervention for adolescents at risk for suicidal thoughts and behaviors. Frontiers in Public Health 10:971754, 2022.

Davis, M., Jones, J.D., So, A., Benton, T.D., Boyd, R.C., Melhem, N., Ryan, N.D., Brent, D.A., Young, J.F. : Adolescent depression screening in primary care: Who is screened and who is at risk? Journal of Affective Disorders 299: 318-325, 2022.

Lambert, S.F., Boyd, R.C., Ialongo, N.S.: Protective factors for suicidal ideation among Black adolescents indirectly exposed to community violence Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior 52(3): 478-489, 2022.

Sheftall, A.H., Vakil, F., Ruch, D.A., Boyd, R.C., Lindsey, M.A., Bridge, J.A.: Black youth suicide: investigation of current trends and precipitating circumstances. Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry 61(5): 662-675, 2022 Notes: (Editors' Best of 2022).

Barzilay, R., Moore, T.M., Calkins, M.E., Maliackel, L., Jones, J.D., Boyd, R.C., Warrier, V., Benton, T.D., Oquendo, M.A., Gur, R.C. and Gur, R.E. : Deconstructing the role of the exposome in youth suicidal ideation: Trauma, neighborhood environment, developmental and gender effects Neurobiology of Stress 41: p.100314, 2021.

Jones, J. D., Boyd, R. C., Calkins, M. E., Moore, T. M., Ahmed, A., Barzilay, R., Benton, T. D., Gur, R. E., & Gur, R. C. : Association between family history of suicide attempt and neurocognitive functioning in community youth. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry 62: 58-65, 2021.

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