Ravishankar Jayadevappa, PhD

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Research Associate Professor of Medicine (Geriatrics)
Fellow, Institute on Aging, University of Pennsylvania
Senior Fellow, Leonard David Institute of Health Economics, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
Member, Abramson Cancer Center, University of Pennsylvania
Co-director, Penn Urology Health Services Research Program, Division of Urology
Department: Medicine

Contact information
Ralston-Penn Center
3615 Chestnut St, Rm. 224
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-898-3798
Fax: 215-573-8684
BE (Engineering)
Bangalore University, Bangalore, 1986.
MS (Management and Policy)
University of Pennsylvania , 1995.
PhD (Management and Public Policy)
University of Pennsylvania, 1996.
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Description of Research Expertise

Health Services Research;
Health Economics;
Health Related Quality of Life;
Preference Assessment;
Shared Decision Making;
Prostate Cancer Outcomes;
Health Care Disparity;
Hospital Competition;
Quality of Care

Selected Publications

Chhatre S, Murgu S, Vachani A, Jayadevappa R. : Incremental outcome benefits of PDT among early stage non-small cell lung cancer. Medicine February 2022.

Jayadevappa R, Malkowicz SB, Vapiwala N, Guzzo T, and Chhatre S.: Association between Hospital competition, quality and cost of prostate cancer care HSR 2022.

Jayadevappa R, Malkowicz SB, Guzzo T, Chhatre S.: Association between continuity of care and outcomes among advanced prostate cancer patients. Cancer 2022.

Chhatre S, Malkowicz SB, Gallo JJ, Jayadevappa R, : Racial disparity in outcomes among prostate cancer patients in the post Affordable Care Act period. Urology Practice Page: 1-8, 2022.

Chhatre S, Malkowicz SB, Jayadevappa R: Association between continuity of care and racial and ethnic disparity in quality of care and outcomes. The Prostate Page: 1-15, September 2021.

Chhatre S, Metzger D, Woody GE, Jayadevappa R : Burden of chronic conditions among persons with HIV/AIDS and psychiatric comorbidity. CHIVR Page: 1-11, August 2021.

Parikh BR, Gallo JJ, Wong YN, Robinson K, Medvedeva E, Jayadevappa R, Chhatre S. : Racial Disparities in Depression Incidence, Management, and Mortality after Prostate Cancer Diagnosis. Cancer Page: 5-15, July 2021.

Jayadevappa R. Chhatre S, Gallo JJ, Wittink MN, Morales KH, Lee DI, Guzzo T, Vapiwala N, Wong YN, Arsdalen KV, Malkowicz SB, Wein AJ. : Concordance between Treatment Choice and Preference for Localized Prostate Cancer. Proceedings of the Sawtooth Software Conference. Page: 249-263, April 2021.

Chhatre S, Murgu S, Vachani A, Jayadevappa R : Survival Outcomes with Photodynamic Therapy, Chemotherapy and Radiation in Patients with Stage III or Stage IV non-small cell lung cancer. Cancers 13: 803-820, 2021.

Parikh RB, Chhatre S, Malkowicz SB, Li B, Jayadevappa R. : Risk of subsequent dementia from androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) versus orchiectomy among men with prostate cancer. E Urology 2021 Notes: in press.

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