James L. Mullen

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Emeritus Professor CE of Surgery
Interim Chair, Department of Surgery, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Department: Surgery

Contact information
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
3400 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 2156622089
Fax: 2156140953
Harvard University, 1963.
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, 1967.
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Description of Clinical Expertise

Dr. Mullen is the UPHS Corporate Director of PeriOperative Services and the HUP Associate Executive Director. He also continues as the Vice Chairman, Administration of the Department of Surgery. His administrative career has included Interim Chair, PENN SURGERY, Philadelphia VA Chief of Surgery, Founder/Director Penn Home Infusion and Founder/Director of the HUP Nutrition Support Service, Director of Surgery’s Residency Programs in addition to his current responsibilities.

Selected Publications

Gorman, R.C., Morris, J.B., Mullen, J.L: Enteral Access Options. For Nutritional Support: Theory and Therapeutics: , In Press. Shikora, S.A., Blackburn, G.L., Chapman & Hall (eds.). April 1996.

Levy, M.M., Unger, L.D., Mullen, J.L: Nutritional Considerations Following Trauma. Oral and Maxillofacial Trauma Second Edition: WB Saunders Company, In press. Fonseca, R., Walker, R.V., Betts, N.J., Barber, H.D., McGrew, L. (eds.). April 1996.

Evans, N.J., Mullen, J.L: Total Parenteral Nutrition. Intensive Care Medicine. Rippe, J.M., Irwin, R.S., Fink, M.P., Cerra, F.B., Little Brown (eds.). 1996.

Mullen, J.L., Evans, N.J: Intensive Care Medicine Third Edition, Shrewsbury, MA: Little, Brown and Company. James M. Rippe, M.D., Richard S. Irwin, M.D., Mitchell P. Fink, M.D., Frank B. Cerra, M.D. (eds.). 1995.

Cech, A.C., Morris, J.B., Mullen, J. L., Crooks, G.W. : Long-Term Enteral Access in Aspiration-Risk Patients. J of Int Care Med 10(4): 179-86, 1995.

Mancini D.M., Walter G., Reichek N., Lenkinski R., McCully K.K., Mullen J. L., Wilson J.R. : Contribution of skeletal muscle atrophy to exercise intolerance and altered muscle metabolism in heart failure. Circ 85(4): 1364-73, April 1994.

Mullen, J. L: Hypermetabolism and advanced cancer. Ann of Surg 219(4): 323-324, April 1994.

Gorman R.C., Morris J.B., Metz C.A., Mullen J. L. : The button jejunostomy for long-term jejunal feeding: results of a prospective randomized trial. JPEN 17(5): 428-431, Sept/Oct 1993.

Nance, M.L., Morris, J.B., and Mullen, J. L: Home parenteral nutrition after near total enterectomy. J of the Amer Col of Surg 12(3): 281-285, June 1993.

Mullen, J.L., Morris, J.B., Yu, J.C: Enteral Access. Atlas of Surgical Oncology. Daly, J.M., Cady, B. Mosby Yearbook (eds.). 1993.

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