David J. Bozentka, M.D.

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Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Department: Orthopaedic Surgery

Contact information
Penn Medicine at University City
3737 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-662-3340
Fax: 215-349-5128
B.S. (Chemistry)
Ursinus College, 1983.
Jefferson Medical College, 1987.
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Selected Publications

Stephens AR, Buterbaugh KL, Gordon JA, Steinberg D, Bozentka DJ, Khoury V, Kazmers NH: Comparison of magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasound evaluations of zone II partial flexor tendon lacerations of the fingers: A Cadaveric study Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine 11: 1-6, November 2020 Notes: Online Ahead of Print.

Cheema, A.N., Niziolek, P.J., Steinberg, D.R., Kneeland, B., Kazmer, N.H., Bozentka, D.J. : The effects of CT scans oriented along the longitudinal scaphoid axis on measurements of deformity and displacement in scaphoid fractures. J Hand Surg Am 43(12): 1092-1097, Dec 2018.

Kazmers, N.H., Gordon, J.A, Buterbaugh, K.L., Bozentka, D.J., Steinberg, D.R., Khoury, V.: Ultrasonographic Evaluation of Zone II Partial Flexor Tendon Lacerations of the Fingers: A Cadaveric Study. Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine 37(4): 941-948, Apr 2018.

Kazmers, N.H., Liu, T.C., Wu, C.H., Steinberg, D.R., Bozentka, D.J., Levin. L.S., Gray, B.L.: Deferring Routine Wrist Radiography Does Not Affect Management of de Quervain Tendinopathy Patients. J Wrist Surg 7(2): 115-120, Apr 2018.

Kazmers, N.H., Liu, T.C., Gordon, J.A., Bozentka, D.J., Steinberg, D.R., Gray, B.L.: Patient- and Disease-Specific Factors Associated With Operative Management of de Quervain Tendinopathy. J Hand Surg Am 42(11): 931, Nov 2017.

Kazmers, N.H., Fryhofer, G.W., Gittings, D., Bozentka, D.J., Steinberg, D.R., Gray, B.L.: Acute Deep Infections of the Upper Extremity: The Utility of Obtaining Atypical Cultures in the Presence of Purulence. J Hand Surg Am 42(8): 663, Aug 2017.

Park, M.J., Gans, I., Lin, I., Levin, L.S., Bozentka, D.J., Steinberg, D.R.: Timing of forearm arterial repair in the well-perfused limb. Orthopedics. 582-586, 37(6), Jun 2014.

Park, M.J., Pappas, N., Kim, J., Bozentka, D.J.: Rate of clinically significant posttraumatic arthritis after small finger intra-articular carpometacarpal fractures. Orthopedics 36(8): 1042-1046, Aug 2013.

Park, M.J., Pappas, N., Steinberg, D.R., Bozentka, D.J.: Immobilization in supination versus neutral following surgical treatment of Galeazzi fracture-dislocations in adults: case series. J Hand Surg Am 37(3): 528-531, Mar 2012.

Hirsh, L., Sodha, S., Bozentka, D.J., Monaghan, B., Steinberg, D.R., Beredjiklian, P.K. : Arthroscopic Electrothermal Collagen Shrinkage for Symptomatic Laxity of the Scapholunate Interosseous Ligament. J Hand Surg British Volume 6: 643-647, Sep 2005.

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