Barry David Fuchs, MD

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Professor of Medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Department: Medicine

Contact information
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
9.066 Founders Pavilion
3400 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: (215) 662-7135
Fax: (215) 349-5059
B.S. (High Honors in Animal Science)
Rutgers University, 1979.
M.S. (Cardiovascular Physiology)
Michigan State University, 1981.
Albert Einstein College of Medicine, 1985.
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Description of Research Expertise

Early detection systems to identify common clinical syndromes
Implementation methodologies
Sepsis care
Liberation from Mechanical Ventilation and Sedation

Description of Clinical Expertise

Mechanical Ventilation
Thromboembolic disease
Intra-abdominal hypertension
Cardio-pulmonary interactions
Fluid and Electrolyte Disorders

Selected Publications

Wilson FP, Testani J, Aqeel I, Borovskiy Y, Reese P, Urbani, Fuchs BD: Automated, electronic alerts for acute kidney injury: A single-blind parallel group, a randomized controlled trial. Lancet 385(9981): 1966, May 2015.

Kerlin MP, Small DS, Cooney E, Fuchs BD, Bellini LM, Mikkelsen ME, Schweickert WD, Bakhru RN, Babler NB, Harhay MO, Hansen-Flaschen J, Halpern SD: A randomized clinical trial of nighttime physician staffing in an intensive care unit. New Engl J of Med 368(23): 2201-2209, Jun 2013.

Girard TD, Kress JP, Fuchs BD, Thomason JWW, Schweickert WD, Pun BT, Taichman DB, Dunn JG, Pohlman AS, Kinniry PA, Jackson JC, Canonico AE, Light RW, Shintani AK, Thompson JL, Gordon SM, Hall JB, Dittus RS, Bernard GR, Ely EW: Efficacy and safety of a “Wake Up and Breathe” protocol for mechanically ventilated ICU patients: The awakening and breathing controlled (ABC) trial, a randomized controlled trial. Lancet 371(9607): 126-134, Jan 2008.

Umscheid C, Betesh J, VanZandbergen C, Hanish A, Tait G, Mikkelsen M, French B, Fuchs BD: Development, implementation and impact of an automated early warning and response system for sepsis. Journal of Hospital Medicine 10(1): 26-31, Jan 2015.

Guidi J, Clark K, Upton M, Faust H, Umscheid C, Lane-Fall M, Mikkelsen M, Schweickert W, VanZandbergen C, Betesh J, Tait G, Hanish A, Smith K, Feeley D, Fuchs BD: Clinician perception of the effectiveness of an early warning and response system for sepsis in an academic medical center. Annals of the American Thoracic Society 12(10): 1514-1519, Oct 2015.

Wilson FP, Reese PP, Shashaty MGS, Gitelman Y, Bansal AD, Urbani R, Feldman HI, Ellenberg S, Fuchs BD: A trial of in-hospital electronic alerts for acute kidney injury. Clinical Trials 11(5): 521-529, Oct 2015.

Koenig HC, Finkel BB, Khalsa SS, Lanken PN, Prasad M, Urbani R, Fuchs BD: Performance of an automated electronic acute lung injury screening system in Intensive Care Unit patients. Critical Care Medicine 39(1): 98-104, Jan 2011.

Azzam HC, Khalsa SS, Urbani R, Shah CV, Christie, JD, Lanken PN, Fuchs BD: Validation study of an automated electronic acute lung injury screening tool. Journal of the American Informatics Association 16(4): 503-508, Jul-Aug 2009.

Whittaker SA, Mikkelsen ME, Gaieski DF, Koshy S, Kean C, Fuchs BD: Severe sepsis cohorts derived from claims-based strategies appear to be biased toward a more severely ill patient population. Critical Care Medicine 41(4): 945-953, Apr 2013.

Kalhan R, Mikkelsen M, Dedhiya P, Christie JD, Gaughan C, Lanken PN, Finkel B, Gallop R, Fuchs BD: Under use of lung protective ventilation: Analysis of potential factors to explain physician behavior. Critical Care Medicine 34(2): 300-306, Feb 2006.

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