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Richard W. Tureck, M.D.

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Department: Obstetrics and Gynecology

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Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
3400 Spruce Street, 106 Dulles Building
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 2156626939
Manhattan College, 1971.
Cornell University Medical College, 1975.
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Selected Publications

Scarmato, V.J., Levine, M.S., Herlinger, H., Wickstrom M., Furth, E.E., Tureck, R.W.: Ileal Endometriosis: Radiographic Findings in Five Cases. Radiology 214: 509-512, 2000.

Loret de Mola, J.R., Arredondo, S., Randle, C., Tureck, R.W., Friedlander, M.: Markedly elevated cytokines in pleural effusions during the ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome: transudate or exudate? Fertility and Sterility 67: 780-783, 1997.

Arredondo, S., Loret de Mola, J.R., Shlansky-Goldberg, Tureck, R.W.: Uterine Arteriovenous Malformation in a Patient With Recurrent Pregnancy Loss and a Bircornuate Uterus. J Reprod Med 42(4): 239-43, April 1997.

Garside, W., Loret De Mola, J.R., Bucci, J., Tureck, R., Heyner, S.: Sequential Analysis of the Zona Thickness During In Vitro Culture of Human Zygotes: correlation with embryo quality, age, and implantation. Molecular Reproduction & Development 47(1): 99-104, May 1997.

Pretorius, S., Siegelman, E., Tureck, R.W., Van Deerlin, V.: Uterine necrosis following cesarean section: demonstration by MRI. American Journal of Roentgenology 168(3): 849-50, March 1997.

Loret De Mola J.R., Garside W.T., Bucci J, Tureck R.W., Heyner S.: Analysis of the human zona pellucida during culture: correlation with diagnosis and the preovulatory hormonal environment. J Assist Reprod Genet 14(6): 332-6, 1997.

Pretorius, SE, Siegelman, ES, and Tureck, RW, Van Deerlin, V: Uterine Necrosis After Cesarean Delivery Seen on MR Imaging. AJR 168, March 1997.

Tureck, R.W.: Dysmenorrhea. Professional Guide to Signs and Symptoms. Second Edition. Peter H. Johnson (eds.). Springhouse, 1997.

Melo-Abreu, S., Battish, S., Brown, K., Tureck, R., Heyner, S., Blasco, L: Can the Indirect Immunobead Assay for Detecting Sperm Antibodies in Fresh Samples be Reproduced in Cryopreserved Human Spermatozoa? American Journal of Reproductive Immunology 35, 1995.

Wittmaack, F.M., Kreger, D.O., Blasco, L, Tureck, R.W., Mastroianni, L. Jr., Lessey, BA: Effect of Follicular Size on Oocyte Retrieval, Fertilization, Cleavage, and Embryo Quality in In Vitro Fertilization Cycles: A Six Year Data Collection. Fertility and Sterility 62: 1205-10, 1994.

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