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Scarlett L. Bellamy, Sc.D.

Scarlett L. Bellamy Sc.D.

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Associate Professor of Biostatistics in Biostatistics and Epidemiology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Department: Biostatistics and Epidemiology
Graduate Group Affiliations

Contact information
Division of Biostatistics
Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology
University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine
612 Blockley Hall
423 Guardian Drive
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6021
Office: 215-573-5152
Fax: 215-573-4865
B.A. (Mathematics)
Hampton University, 1995.
Sc.M. (Biostatistics)
Harvard University, 1997.
Sc.D. (Biostatistics)
Harvard University, 2001.
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Description of Research Expertise


Selected Publications

Jemmott JB, Jemmott LS, O'Leary A, Ngwane Z, Lewis DA, Bellamy SL, Icard LD, Carty C, Heeren GA, Tyler JC, Makiwane MB, Teitelman A: HIV/STI risk-reduction intervention efficacy with south african adolescents over 54 months. Health Psychology 34(6): 610-21, June 2015.

Ravimohan S, Tamuhla N, Steenhoff AP, Letlhogile R, Nfanyana K, Rantleru T, Tierney A, Bellamy SL, Gross R, Weissman D, Bisson GP: Immunologic Profiles Distinguish TB-IRIS and non-IRIS Death in HIV-infected Adults with Pulmonary Tuberculosis Initiating Antiretroviral Therapy: an Observational Cohort Study. Lancet Infectious Diseases 15(4): 429-438, April 2015.

Whittaker SA, Fuchs BD, Gaieski DF, Christie JD, Goyal M, Meyer NJ, Kean C6, Small DS, Bellamy SL, Mikkelsen ME: Epidemiology and outcomes in patients with severe sepsis admitted to the hospital wards. Journal of Critical Care 30(1): 78-84, February 2015.

Kullgren JT, Harkins KA, Bellamy SL, Gonzales A, Tao Y, Zhu J, Volpp KG, Asch DA, Heisler M, Karlawish J: A mixed-methods randomized controlled trial of financial incentives and peer networks to promote walking among older adults. Health Education and Behavior 41(1 Suppl): 43S-50S, October 2014.

Bukh I, Calcedo R, Roy S, Carnathan DG, Grant R, Qin Q, Boyd S, Ratcliffe SJ, Veeder CL, Bellamy SL, Betts MR, Wilson JM: Increased mucosal CD4+ T cell activation in rhesus macaques following vaccination with an adenoviral vector. Journal of Virology 88(15): 8468-78, August 2014.

Shashaty MG, Kalkan E, Bellamy SL, Reilly JP, Holena DN, Cummins K, Lanken PN, Feldman HI, Reilly MP, Udupa JK, Christie JD: Computed tomography-defined abdominal adiposity is associated with acute kidney injury in critically ill trauma patients. Critical Care Medicine 42(7): 1619-28, July 2014.

Hughes-Halbert CH, Bellamy S, Briggs V, Bowman M, Delmoor E, Johnson JC, Kumanyika S, Melvin C, Purnell J, Rogers R, Weathers B: Intervention completion rates among African Americans in a randomized effectiveness trial for diet and physical activity changes. Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers, and Prevention 23(7): 1306-13, July 2014.

Reilly JP, Bellamy S, Shashaty MG, Gallop R, Meyer NJ, Lanken PN, Kaplan S, Holena DN, May AK, Ware LB, Christie JD: Heterogeneous phenotypes of the acute respiratory distress syndrome after major trauma. Annals of the American Thoracic Society 11(5): 728-36, June 2014.

Cohen DG, Christie JD, Anderson BJ, Diamond JM, Judy RP, Shah RJ, Cantu E, Bellamy SL, Blumenthal NP, Demissie E, Hopkins RO, Mikkelsen ME: Cognitive function, mental health, and health-related quality of life after lung transplantation. Annals of the American Thoracic Society 11(4): 522-30, May 2014.

Sen AP, Sewell TB, Riley EB, Stearman B, Bellamy SL, Hu MF, Tao Y, Zhu J, Park JD, Loewenstein G, Asch DA, Volpp KG.: Financial incentives for home-based health monitoring: a randomized controlled trial. Journal of General Internal Medicine 29(5): 770-7, May 2014.

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