Toshinori Hoshi, PhD

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Professor of Physiology
Member, Institute of Neurological Sciences
Fellow, Institute of Aging
Member, Cardiovascular Institute, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Member, Islet Cell Biology Core, Institute for Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Member, ASEF Council
Department: Physiology
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Contact information
605 CRB
415 Curie Blvd
Department of Physiology
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-573-7305
B.A. (Psychology)
University of New Hampshire, 1981.
Ph.D. (Physiology)
Yale University, 1985.
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Description of Research Expertise

Ion channel modulation such as that of calcium-dependent potassium channels by heme, heme breakdown products such as CO, and lipid messengers including PIP2 and omega-3 fatty acids and of TMEM16A anion channels by small molecules produced by gut microbes.

neuronal excitability, ion channel gating, oxidation, methionine, aging, blood, heme, CO, brain hemorrhage, lipids, PIP2, omega-3 fatty acids, fish oil, BK channel, Slo1, KCNMA1, KCNMB, KCa1.1, LRRC, potassium channels, voltage sensor, Shaker channels, EAG, Kv, KCNH

Electrophysiology (patch clamp, voltage-clamp, extracellular recording, optical recording); molecular biology; tissue culture; vascular smooth muscle physiology; gut physiology; microbiota; physiology and behavior.

We study modulation of ion channels such as large-conductance calcium- and voltage-gated potassium channels and TMEM16A anion channels by different signaling molecules. The modulators/modulatory processes being examined include: oxidation/reduction of amino acids, carbon monoxide, heme, bilirubin oxidation end products, PIP2 and omega-3 fatty acids. Our recent focus includes the small molecules produced gut microbes.

Selected Publications

Ojha, N. K., Leipold, E., Schonherr, R., Hoshi, T., Heinemann, S. H.: Non-photonic sensing of membrane-delimited reactive species with a Na+ channel protein containing selenocysteine Sci Rep 7: 46003, 2017.

Gessner, G., Sahoo, N., Swain, S. M., Hirth, G., Schonherr, R., Mede, R., Westerhausen, M., Brewitz, H. H., Heimer, P., Imhof, D., Hoshi, T., Heinemann, S. H.: CO-independent modification of K+ channels by tricarbonyldichlororuthenium(II) dimer (CORM-2). Eur J Pharmacol 815: 33-41, 2017.

Tian, Y., Aursnes, M., Hansen, T. V., Tungen, J. E., Galpin, J. D., Leisle, L., Ahern, C. A., Xu, R., Heinemann, S. H., Hoshi, T.: Atomic determinants of BK channel activation by polyunsaturated fatty acids. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 113(48): 13905-13910, 2016.

Han, B., He, K., Cai, C., Tang, Y., Yang, L., Heinemann, S. H., Hoshi, T., Hou, S.: Human EAG channels are directly modulated by PIP2 as revealed by electrophysiological and optical interference investigations. Sci Rep 6: 23417, 2016.

Schink, M., Leipold, E., Schirmeyer, J., Schonherr, R., Hoshi, T., Heinemann, S. H.: Reactive species modify NaV1.8 channels and affect action potentials in murine dorsal root ganglion neurons. Pflügers Arch 468(1): 99-110, 2016.

Hoshi, T., Heinemann, S. H.: Modulation of BK channels by small endogenous molecules and pharmaceutical channel openers. Int Rev Neurobiol. C. Contet (eds.). 128: 193-237, 2016.

Hoshi, T., Armstrong, C. M.: The Cole-Moore Effect: Still Unexplained? Biophys J 109(7): 1312-6, 2015.

Golder, F. J., Dax, S., Baby, S. M., Gruber, R., Hoshi, T., Ideo, C., Kennedy, A., Peng, S., Puskovic, V., Ritchie, D., Woodward, R., Wardle, R. L., Van Scott, M. R., Mannion, J. C., MacIntyre, D. E.: Identification and characterization of GAL-021 as a novel breathing control modulator. Anesthesiology 123(5): 1093-104, 2015.

Tian, Y., Ullrich, F., Xu, R., Heinemann, S. H., Hou, S., Hoshi, T.: Two distinct effects of PIP2 underlies auxiliary subunit-dependent modulation of Slo1 BK channels. J Gen Physiol 145(4): 331-43, 2015.

Horrigan, F. T., Hoshi, T.: Models of ion channel gating. Handbook of ion channels. Zheng, J. Trudeau, M. C. (eds.). CRC Press, Page: 81-99, 2015.

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