DuPont Guerry , IV, MD, FACP

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Emeritus Professor CE of Medicine
Department: Medicine

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B.A. (English (Magna cum laude))
Yale University, 1963.
University of Virginia, 1968.
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Description of Research Expertise

Risk and prognostic modeling
Immunobiology and immunotherapy of cancer

Description of Clinical Expertise

General hematology and oncology

Selected Publications

Basak S, Birebent B, Purev E, Somasundaram R, Maruyama H, Zaloudik J, Swoboda R, Strittmatter W, Li W, Lukenbach A, Song H, Li J, Sproesser K, Guerry D, Nair S, Furukawa K, Herlyn D.: Induction of cellular immunity by anti-idiotypic antibodies mimicking GD2 ganglioside. Cancer Immunol Immunother 52: 145-154, 2003.

Somasundaram, R., Swoboda, R., Caputo, L., Lee, A., Jackson, N., Marincola, F., Guerry, D., and Herlyn, D.: A CD4+, HLA DR7 restricted T helper lymphocyte clone recognizes an antigen shared by human malignant melanoma and glioma. Int J Cancer 104: 362-368, 2003.

Rebbeck TR, Kanetsky PA, Walker AH, Holmes R, Halpern AC, Schuchter LM, Elder DE, Guerry D: P gene as an inherited biomarker of human eye color. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 11: 782-784, 2002.

Goldstein AM, Chidambaram A, Halpern A, Holly EA, Guerry D, Sagebiel R, Elder DE, Tucker MA: Rarity of CDK4 germline mutations in familial melanoma. Melanoma Res 12: 51-55, 2002.

Anderson TD, Weber RS, Guerry D, Elder DE, Schuchter L, Loevner LA, Rosenthal DI: Desmoplastic neurotropic melanoma of the head and neck: the role of radiation therapy. Head Neck 24: 1068-1071, 2002.

Gimotty PA, Guerry D, Elder DE: Validation of Prognostic Models in Melanoma. American Journal of Clincal Pathology 11: 489-91, 2002.

Fears TR, Bird CC, Guerry D, Sagebiel R, Gail M, Elder D, Halpern A, Holly E, Hartge P, Tucker MA: Average midrange ultraviolet radiation flux and time outdoors predict melanoma risk. Cancer Res 62: 3992-3996, 2002.

McGinnis KS, Lessin SR, Elder DE, Guerry D 4th, Schuchter L, Ming M, Elenitsas R: Pathology review of cases presenting to a multidisciplinary pigmented lesion clinic. Arch Dermatol. 138: 617-21, 2002.

Kanetsky, P.A., Swoyer, J., Panossian, S., Holmes, R., Guerry, D., Rebbeck, T.R.: A polymorphism in the agouti signaling protein gene is associated with human pigmentation. Am J Human Genetics 70: 770-775, 2002.

Blackwood, M.A., Holmes, R., Synnestvedt, M., Young, M., George, C., Yang, H., Elder, D.E., Schuchter, L., Guerry, D., Ganguly, A.: Multiple primary melanoma revisited. Cancer 94: 2248-2255, 2002.

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