Sara S Samimi, M.D.

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Assistant Professor of Clinical Dermatology
Department: Dermatology

Contact information
Department of Dermatology
2 Maloney Building
3600 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-662-2194
Fax: 215-662-7884
Harvard University, 2005.
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, 2009.
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Selected Publications

Fardin, S., Gholami, S., Samimi, S., Rook A., Alavi, A.: Global quantitative techniques for positron emission tomographic assessment of disease activity in cutaneous T-cell lymphoma and response to treatment. JAMA Dermatology 152(1): 103-4, 2016.

Sobanko, J.F., Da Silva, D., Chiesa Fuxench, Z., Modi, B., Shin, T., Etzkorn, J., Samimi, S., Wanat, K., Miller, C.: Same-day office consultation and mohs micrographic surgery with versus without a preoperative educational phone call: A randomized trial measuring the impact on patient-rated anxiety and satisfaction on the day of surgery. Submitted to JAAD 2016.

Jew, O.S., Cornejo, C., Spaccarelli, N., Vittorio, C., Samimi, S., Rook, A., Haun, P., Kim, E.: Mycosis fungoides simulating livedo reticularis. Submitted 2016.

Guitart J, Martinez-Escala M, Subtil A, Duvic M, Pulitzer M, Olsen E, Kim E, Rook AH, Samimi S, Wood G, Girardi M, Junkins-Hopkins J, Ivan D, Selim A, Sable K, Virmani P, Pincus L, Tetzlaff M, Kim Jinah, Kim Y. : Primary cutaneous aggressive epidermotropic cytotoxic t-cell lymphomas: reappraisal of a provisional entity in the 2016 WHO classification of cutaneous lymphomas. Modern Pathology 2016.

Samimi S, Rook A: Sezary syndrome and mycosis fungoides. Decision Support in Medicine Chapter 2015.

Farber, S., Samimi, S., Rosenbach, M.: Ulcerations within striae distensae associated with Bevacizumab therapy. JAAD 72(1): e33-5, 2015.

Samimi, S., Rook, A.: CTCL variants. Decision Support in Medicine Chapter 2015.

Fardin S, Gholami S, Samimi S, Spaccarelli N, Kim E, Werner T, Salavati A, Houshmand S, Rook A, Alavi A: PET based novel quantitative techniques for assessing disease activity in cutaneous T-cell lymphoma and response to treatment. Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNM) 2015.

Samimi S, Abuabara K, Chu E, Bluebond N, James W, Merkel P: Alcohol-induced vasculitis: Case report and commentary. JAAD 70(2): e42-3, 2014.

Samimi, S., Castelo-Soccio, L., Van Voorhees, V.: Reactive arthritis. Treatment of skin diseases. JAAD (?) 4e: 669-72, 2014.

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