Edward E. Bondi, M.D.

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Professor CE of Dermatology
Department: Dermatology

Contact information
1st Floor PCAM
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 2156622397
Bucknell Unviersity, 1970.
Hahnemann University, 1974.
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Selected Publications

Li, Lian-Jie, Elenitsas, R., Bondi, E.E.: Noninflammatory, Fluctuant Swelling of the Ear. Arch of Derm 137: 657-662, 2001.

Gelfand, J.M., Mirza, N., Kantor, J., Yu, G., Reale, D., Bondi, E., Junkin-Hopkins,J.,: Nodular Fasciitis. Arch Derm 137: 719-721, 2001.

Nieves, D.S., Bondi, E.E. et al Scleromyxedema: Successful Treatment of Cutaneous and Neurologic Symptoms. Cutis 65: 1-4, 2000.

Bondi, E.E., Margolis, D.J., et al: Panniculitis. Dermatology in General Medicine. Fitzpatrick TB (eds.). McGraw Hill, 5th edition, Page: 1275-1289, 1999.

Bondi EE: SKIN: New Herpes Virus and Cancer: Oral Therapy for Scabies: Blood Vessel Malformations: Vitiligo Autoimmune Cause; Pregnancy and Accutane The New Book of Knowledge. Grolier, Inc. (eds.). Page: 324-326, 1996.

Bondi EE: SKIN: Low fat diet and skin cancer; Toxic epidermal necrolysis; Gastric Ulcers and rosacea; Topical treatment for psoriasis; Childhood sunburn and melanoma. The New Book of Knowledge. Grolier Inc., Danbury CT, Page: 324-325, 1995.

Berkson, M.H., Bondi, E.E., Margolis, D.J: Ulcerated necrobiosis lipoidica diabeticorum. Cutis 53: 85-86, 1994.

Bondi EE: Skin:Topical steroid allergy; Gene therapy for melanoma; Alpha proteinase inhibitor for eczema; Hepatitis C and porphyria Encyclopedia Americana: Health and Medicine Annual, Grolier Inc, Danbury CT, Page: 324-326, 1994.

Bondi, E.E., Lazarus, G.S. Panniculitis In: Fitzpatrick, T.B., et al: Dermatology. General Medicine. McGraw Hill 4th Edition, Page: 1329-1348, 1993.

Bondi EE: Skin: New trends in sun protection; Skin disease marker of underlying malignancy; Alpha hydroxy acids The New Book of Knowledge. Grolier Inc. Danbury, CT, Page: 325-327, 1993.

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