Karen S Gustafson, MD, PhD

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Associate Professor of Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Department: Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Contact information
University of Pennsylvania Medical Center
6 Founders, Room FO6.042
3400 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-662-3209
B.A. (Biology and Chemistry)
Gustavus Adolphus College, 1983.
MD, PhD (Biomedical Science)
University of Minnesota Medical Scientist Training Program, 1998.
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Selected Publications

Yu GH, Glaser LJ, Gustafson KS: Role of Ancillary Techniques in Fluid Cytology. Acta Cytologica 64: 52-62, Jan 2020.

Vijayvergia, N., Boland, P. M., Handorf, E., Gustafson, K. S., Gong, Y., Cooper, H. S., Sheriff, F., Astsaturov, I. A., Cohen, S. J., Engstrom, P. F. : Molecular profiling of neuroendocrine malignancies to identify prognostic and therapeutic markers: A Fox Chase Cancer Center pilot study. British Journal of Cancer 115(5): 564-570, August 2016.

Farma, J., Kulkarni, N., Escalante, D.A., Meade, C., Osevala, N., Zibelman, M., Gustafson, K.S., Wu, H., Lango, M., Reddy, S., Movva, S., Olszanski, A.J., Zih, F.S.: Molecular profiling and clinical outcomes in patients with in-transit recurrence of melanoma. Annals of Surgical Oncology 23, 2016.

Vijayvergia, N., Cohen, S.J., Boland, P.M., Gustafson, K.S., Sherrif, F., Cooper, H., Astaturov, I., Engstrom, P.F.: Molecular profiling defines subsets of neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) with aggressive disease: A Fox Chase Cancer Center (FCCC) study. Pancreas 45(3): 469-470, 2016.

Kaczmar, J.M., Gustafson, K.S., Wong, Y.N., Minniti, C.J., Sandilya, V.K., Sprandio, J.D., Chertock, Y., Hart, C., Hall, M.J.: Tumor genomic profiling (TGP) in metastatic colorectal cancer (CRC): Bridging the community and the tertiary cancer center through genomic consultation (GC). Journal of Clinical Oncology 34(4), 2016.

Zih, F.S., Kulkarni, N., Escalante, D.A., Meade, C., Osevala, N., Zibelman, M., Movva, S., Gustafson, K.S., Wu, H., Reddy, S., Lango, M., Olszanski, A.J., Farma, J.: Molecular profiling and clinical outcomes in malignant melanoma: Experience at a NCI-designated cancer center. Annals of Surgical Oncology 23, 2016.

Shih J, Bashir B, Gustafson KS, Andrake MA, Dunbrack RL, Goldstein LJ, Boumber Y. : CSI: Cancer Signature Investigation: ERBB2 (HER2)-activating mutation and amplification-positive breast carcinoma mimicking lung primary. J Natl Compr Canc Netw 13(8): 947-52, Aug 2015.

Vijayvergia, N., Boland, P. M., Gustafson, K. S., Sheriff, F., Cooper, H. S., Cohen, S. J., Astsaturov, I. A., Engstrom, P. F.: Molecular profiling of advanced stage neuro endocrine tumors (NETs): The Fox Chase Cancer Center (FCCC) experience. Pancreas 44(2), 2015.

Zibelman, M. R., Kulkarni, N., Lango, M., von Mehren, M., Movva, S., Gustafson, K. S., Reddy, S. S., Wu, H., Farma, J. M., Olszanski, A. J. : Molecular markers in malignant melanoma: Experience at an NCI-designated cancer center. Journal of Clinical Oncology 33(15), 2015.

Matthew, E.M., Zhou, L.L., Vijayvergia, N., Dicker, D.T., Gustafson, K.S., Cooper, H.S., Ross, E.A., Lim, B., Harouaka, R., Zheng, S.Y., Lamparella, N.E., Drabick, J.J., Truica, C.I., Yang, Z.H., El-Deiry, W.S. : A multiplexed marker-based algorithm for diagnosis of carcinoma of unknown primary using circulating tumor cells. Cancer Res. 75, 2015.

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