Marcus Davey, PhD

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Adjunct Associate Professor of Surgery
Member, Joseph Stokes Jr. Research Institute of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA
Department: Surgery

Contact information
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
3516 Civic Center Blvd.
Abramson 1112 D
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Monash University Melbourne, Australia, 1994.
Monash University Melbourne, Australia, 1999.
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Selected Publications

Bouchard S, Davey MG, Rintoul NE, Walsh DE, Rorke LB, Adzick NS: Correction of hindbrain herniation and anatomy of the vermis following in utero repair of myelomeningocele in sheep. Journal of Pediatric Surgery 38(3): 451-458, March 2003.

Davey MG, Hedrick HL, Bouchard S, Mendoza JM, Schwarz U, Adzick NS, Flake AW: Temporary in utero tracheal occlusion in fetal sheep with severe lung hypoplasia does not restore postnatal respiratory function. Journal of Applied Physiology 94(3): 1054-62, March 2003.

Davey MG, Hedrick HL, Bouchard S, Adzick NS, Flake AW, Doolin EJ: Computer-assisted stereology: Point fraction of lung parenchyma and alveolar surface density in fetal and newborn sheep. Scanning 25(1): 37-44, Jan/Feb 2003.

Davey MG, Hedrick HL, Bouchard S, Schwarz U, Danzer E, Adzick NS, Flake AW: Alveolar type-II density following prolonged or temporary tracheal occlusion in fetal sheep with severe congenital diaphragmatic hernia. 53(suppl 4): 61A, 2003.

Moss TJ, Davey MG, Harding R, Newnham JP: Effects of intra-amniotic endotoxin on lung structure and function two months after term birth in sheep. Journal of the Society for Gynecologic Investigation 9(4): 220-225, Jul/Aug 2002.

Davey MG, Hedrick HL, Mendoza JM, Kania M, Adzick NS, Flake AW: Pulmonary epithelial liquid absorption, expressed in relation to alveolar surface area, is reduced in fetal lambs following in utero tracheal occlusion. Pediatric Pulmonology 34(4): 278-286, October 2002.

Davey MG, Hedrick HL, Bouchard S, Mendoza JM, Schwarz U, Adzick NS, Flake AW: Pulmonary function and lung tissue structure in lambs following in utero correction of lung hypoplasia by temporary tracheal occlusion. Pediatric Research 51(suppl): 334A, 2002.

Davey MG, Hooper SB, Cock ML, Harding R: Stimulation of lung growth in fetuses with lung hypoplasia leads to altered postnatal lung structure in sheep. Pediatric Pulmonology 32(4): 267-276, October 2001.

Joyce BJ, Louey S, Davey MG, Cock ML, Hooper SB, Harding R: Compromised respiratory function in postnatal lambs after placental insufficiency and intrauterine growth restriction. Pediatric Research 50(5): 641-649, November 2001.

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