Anita L. Szwast, MD

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Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics
Department: Pediatrics

Contact information
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Division of Cardiology
3401 Civic Center Blvd.
Suite 8NW90 - Main Building
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 267-425-6116
Fax: 215-590-5825
BA (Biology-Genetics)
Cornell University, 1994.
University of Pittsburgh, 1999.
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Selected Publications

Shuo Wang, Lindsay R Freud, Jon Detterich, Anita J Moon-Grady, Mary T Donofrio, Edgar T Jaeggi, Anita L Szwast, Shaine A Morris, Ann Kavanaugh-Mchugh, Lisa W Howley, Mary E van der Velde , Bettina F Cuneo, Colin K Phoon, Wayne Tworetzky, Jay D Pruetz: Extracardiac Doppler indices predict perinatal mortality in fetuses with Ebstein anomaly and tricuspid valve dysplasia. Prenat Diagn. Page: 5873, Nov 26 2020 Notes: Online ahead of print.

Lindsay R. Freud, MD; Doff B. McElhinney, MD; Brian T. Kalish, MD; Maria C. Escobar-Diaz, M; Rukmini Komarlu, MD; Michael D. Puchalski, MD; Edgar T. Jaeggi, MD; Anita L. Szwast, MD; Grace Freire, MD; Stéphanie M. Levasseur, MD; Ann Kavanaugh-McHugh, MD; Erik C. Michelfelder, MD; Anita J. Moon-Grady, MD; Mary T. Donofrio, MD; Lisa W. Howley, MD; Elif Seda Selamet Tierney, MD; Bettina F. Cuneo, MD; Shaine A. Morris, MD, MPH; Jay D. Pruetz, MD; Mary E. van der Velde, MD; John P. Kovalchin, MD; Catherine M. Ikemba, MD; Margaret M. Vernon, MD; Cyrus Samai, MD; Gary M. Satou, MD; Nina L. Gotteiner, MD; Colin K. Phoon, MD; Norman H. Silverman, MD; Wayne Tworetzky, MD: Risk Factors for Mortality and Circulatory Outcome among Neonates Prenatally Diagnosed with Ebstein Anomaly or Tricuspid Valve Dysplasia: a Multi-Center Study. JAHA 9(21): e016684, Nov 3 2020.

Brian R White, Jill J Savla, Danielle S Burstein, Christopher E Mascio, Matthew J O'Connor, Anita L Szwast, Lindsay S Rogers. : Interventricular septal hematoma complicating placement of a ventricular assist device in an infant and support with bi-atrial cannulation. JTCVS Tech. 1: 90-92, Mar 2020.

B. White, J. Savla, D. Burstein, C. Mascio, M. O’Connor, A Szwast, and L. Rogers: Interventricular Septal Hematoma Complicating Placement of a Ventricular Assist Device in an Infant JASE June 2019.

Monique M Gardner MD, Laura Mercer-Rosa MD, Michael P DiLorenzo MD, Katherine E Bates MD, Alyson Stagg CRNP, Shobha Natarajan MD, Anita Szwast MD, Jessica Tang MD, Stephanie Fuller MD, Christopher Mascio MD, Desiree Fleck CRNP, Deborah L Torowicz CRNP, Therese M Giglia MD, Jonathan J Rome MD, Chitra Ravishankar MD: Association of a Home Monitoring Program with Interstage and Stage 2 Outcomes. J Am Heart Assoc. 21(10): e010783, May 2019.

S. Sunderji, E. Jaeggi, A. Szwast, G. Ryan, F. Tessier, S. Siddiqui, B. Cuneo, S. Sheth, M. Treadwell, M. Frommelt, S. Turan, J. Copel, S. Emery, L. Rand, A. Moon-Grady. : NAFTNET Retrospective Report on Dexamethasone and Fetal Heart Block. Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology February 2019.

A. Szwast and J. Rychik : Fetal Echocardiography PAEDIATRIC CARDIOLOGY, Fourth Edition. RH Anderson, EJ Baker, D Penny, AN Redington, ML Rigby, and G. Wernovsky (eds.). 2019.

Cuneo, BF, Sonesson SE, Levasseur S, Moon-Grady AJ, Krishnan A, Donofrio MT, Raboisson MJ, Hornberger LK, Van Eerden P, Sinkovskaya E, Abuhamad A, Arya B, Szwast A, Gardiner H, Jacobs K, Freire G, Howley L, Lam A, Kaizer AM, Benson DW, Jaeggi E. : Home Monitoring for Fetal Heart Rhythm During Anti-Ro Pregnancies. J Am Coll Cardiol. 72(16): 1940-1951, Oct 16 2018.

Szwast A, Putt M, Gaynor JW, Licht D, Rychik J.: Cerebrovascular Response to Maternal Hyperoxygenation (MH) in Fetuses with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) Depends Upon Gestational Age (GA) and Baseline Cerebrovascular Resistance. Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol. Oct 2017 Notes: Epub ahead of print.

Cuneo BF, Moon-Grady AJ, Sonesson SE, Levasseur S, Hornberger L, Donofrio MT, Krishnan A, Szwast A, Howley L, Benson DW, Jaeggi E. : Heart Sounds at Home: Feasibility of an ambulatory fetal heart rhythm surveillance program for anti-SSA positive pregnancies J Perinatol. 37(3): 226-230, Mar 2017.

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