Katherine L Margo, M.D.

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Emeritus Associate Professor CE of Family Medicine and Community Health
Associate Fellow, Center for Public Health Initiatives
Senior Fellow, Penn Medicine Program for LGBT Health
Department: Family Medicine and Community Health

Contact information
University of Pennsylvania Health System
Department of Family Medicine and Community Health
Mutch 6
39th and Market St
Philadelphia, PA 19104-4283
Office: 215-662-8777
Fax: 215-662-3591
B.A. (Biology)
Swarthmore College , 1974.
SUNY Upstate Medical Center at Syracuse, New York, 1978.
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Description of Research Expertise

Medical Education
Community Medicine

Description of Clinical Expertise

Primary care
Evidence Based Medicine

Description of Other Expertise

Community Health Center

Selected Publications

Anthony D, Jerpbak CM, Margo KL, Power DV, Slatt Lm, Tarn DM: "Do we pay our community preceptors?: Results from a CERA clerkship directors’ survey" Family Medicine 46(3): 167-73, March 2014.

Scott SM, Schifferdecker KE, Anthony D, Chao J, Chessman AW, Margo KL, Seagrave, M, Leong SL: Contemporary Teaching Strategies of Exemplary Community Preceptors - Is Technology Helping? Family Medicine 46(10): 776, Nov-Dec 2014.

Hammoud M, Margo KL, Christner JG, Fisher J, Fischer SH, Pangaro L: Opportunities and Challenges in Integrating Electronic Health Records into Undergraduate Medical Education: a National Survey of Clerkship Directors. Teaching and Learning in Medicine 24(3): 219, July 2012.

Hammoud MM, Dalymple JL, Christner JG, Stewart RA, Fisher J, Margo KL, Ali II, Briscoe GW, Pangaro LN: Medical Student Documentation in Electronic Health Records: A Collaborative Statement From the Alliance for Clinical Education. Teaching and Learning in Medicine 24(3): 257, July 2012.

Margo KL, Gazewood J, Jerpbak C, Burge S, Usatine R.: Clerkship Directors’ Characteristics, Scholarship, and Support: A Summary of Published Surveys from Seven Medical Specialties. Teaching and Learning in Medicine. 21(2), April 2009 Notes:

Corcoran AM, True G, Charles N, Margo KL: Geriatric Palliative Care: Do Medical Student Narrative Reflections After a Hospice Clinical Experience Link to Geriatric Competencies? Gerontology & Geriatrics Education online 00:1-12, June 2013.

Margo KL, Brazeau C, Jerpbak C: Letter to the editor. Academic Medicine 83(12): 1121, December 2008.

Margo KL, Gazewood J, Jerpbak C, Usatine R. : How do Clerkship Directors from Core Specialties Compare? Teaching and Learning in Medicine. Fall 2006.

Margo KL: Review:Custom-made foot orthoses for the treatment of foot pain [Comment] ACP Journal Club. American College of Physicians, 149(6), December 2008.

Cronholm PF, Margo KL, Bazelon G, Bream K, Bennett IM, Barg FK, : Student Attitudes: Potential Barriers to Implementing a Successful Community Medicine Field Activity. Family Medicine 41(1): 22-27, January 2009.

Margo KL, Chumley H. : Journal Watch from ACE (Alliance for Clinical Education): Review of Medical Education Articles in Family Medicine Journals. Teach Learn Med. 18(1): 82-86, Winter 2006.

Nicholson JM, Caughey A, Stenson MH, Cronholm P, Kellar L, Bennett I, Margo KM, Straton J: Active management of risk in multiparous pregnancy at term: association between a higher preventive labor induction rate and improved birth outcomes. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, "Editor's Choice" 200(3): 250.e1-13, March 2009 Notes: Accepted for Publication for March 2009 Issue.

Margo KL: Journal Watch From ACE (Alliance for Clinical Education) Annual Review of Medical Education Articles in Family Medicine Journals 2007-2008. Teaching and Learning in Medicine 21(2), Spring 2009.

Fincher FE ed, Cox S, DaRosa DA, Lynn DJ, Margo KL, Morgenstern BZ, Pangaro LN, Sierles FA co-ed. : Guidebook for Clerkship Directors. \{Guidebook for Clerkship Directors}. Alliance for Clinical Education Omaha, NE. Third Ed., 2005.

Deen D. and Margo K.L. : Nutrition and The primary care clinician (Chapter 1). The Complete Guide to Nutrition in Primary Care. Deen D., Hark L. (eds.). Blackwell Publishing Page: 3-12, 2007.

Margo KL, Winn R.: Testosterone treatments: Why, when, and how? American Family Physician 73: 1591-1598, May 2006.

Margo KL. : Spinal manipulative Therapy for Low Back Pain. American Family Physician 71: 464-465, 2005.

Margo KL: Chapter 16: Management of Menopausal Symptoms. The ACP Handbook of Women's Health. Fife RS,Schrager SB (eds.). American College of Physicians, March 2009 Notes: Due out in March.

Margo KL. : Commentary on “Lumbar fusion did not differ from cognitive therapy plus exercise for reducing disability and pain in chronic low back pain" Evidence-Based Medicine 2004 9:51. Comment on: Borx JI, Sorensen R, Friis A et al. Spine 2003; 28: 1913-1921. Page: 1913-1921, 2003.

Sadovsky R, Dhindsa S, Margo KL.: Testosterone deficiency: Which patients should you screen and treat? A dialogue Jan 30, 2007. Supplement to The Journal of Family Practice. January 2007.

Margo KL.: Psychological interventions for non-cardiac chest pain. American Family Physician 72(9): 1701-1702, November 2005.

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Margo, K.L.: DEET is the most effective mosquito repellent Journal of Family Practice 1: 822, October 2002.

Margo, KL: Review: back exercise interventions prevent self-reported episodes of back problems in adults but ergonomic education does not (comment). Evidence-Based Medicine 14(4): 117, August 2009.

Margo, Katherine L: ACP Journal Club. Review: Corticosteroids improve short-term outcomes but worsen longer-term outcomes in some types of tendinopathy. Ann Intern Med. 15(154(2)): JC2-4, Feb 2011.

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