Denis Hadjiliadis, MD, MHS , PhD

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Paul F. Harron, Jr. Associate Professor
Department: Medicine

Contact information
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
3400 Spruce Street
9031A Floor, West Gates Building
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-662-4202
Fax: 215-614-0869
(Chemical Engineering (B.Eng; 2 years completed))
Faculty of Engineering, McGill University, Montreal, Canada, 1991.
MD (Doctor of Medicine Program)
Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, Canada, 1995.
MHS (Master’s of Health Sciences Program)
Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC, 2001.
PhD (Ph.D in Medicine Program)
University of Ioannina, Ioannina, Greece, 2005.
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Description of Research Expertise

Cystic Fibrosis
Lung Transplantation
Bronchiolitis Obliterans
Database Analysis

Description of Clinical Expertise

Cystic Fibrosis
Lung Transplantation
CFTR-Related Disorder
Bronchiolitis Obliterans
End-stage Lung Disease

Description of Other Expertise

Dr Hadjiliadis oversees one of the largest adult cystic fibrosis clinics in North America. He also has experience in the diagnosis and management of patients with bronchiectasis and CFTR-related disorder. In addition, he is a member of the Penn Lung Transplantation team and takes care of patients with end-stage lung disease requiring transplant.

Multiple clinical trials in the above areas are available to patients at the University of Pennsylvania

Selected Publications

Nyirjesy, Sarah C., Sheikh, Saba, Hadjiliadis, Denis, De Leon, Diva D., Peleckis, Amy J., Eiel, Jack N., Kubrak, Christina, Stefanovski, Darko, Rubenstein, Ronald C., Rickels, Michael R., Kelly, Andrea: beta-Cell secretory defects are present in pancreatic insufficient cystic fibrosis with 1-hour oral glucose tolerance test glucose >= 155 mg/dL. pediatric diabetes 19(7): 1173-1182, NOV 2018 2018.

Aguilar, Claire A., Hamandi, Bassem, Fegbeutel, Christine, Silveira, Fernand P., Verschuuren, Eric A., Ussetti, Pietat, Chin-Hong, Peter V., Sole, Amparo, Holmes-Liew, C., Billaud, Eliane M., Grossi, Paolo A., Manuel, Oriol, Levine, Deborah J., Barbers, Richard G., Hadjiliadis, Denis, Singer, Lianne G., Husain, Shahid: Clinical risk factors for invasive aspergillosis in lung transplant recipients: Results of an international cohort study. journal of heart and lung transplantation 37(10): 1226-1234, OCT 2018 2018.

Hong, Gina, Psoter, Kevin J., Jennings, Mark T., Merlo, Christian A., Boyle, Michael P., Hadjiliadis, Denis, Kawut, Steven M., Lechtzin, Noah: Risk factors for persistent Aspergillus respiratory isolation in cystic fibrosis. journal of cystic fibrosis 17(5): 624-630, SEP 2018 2018.

Stephen, Michael J., Long, Alex, Bonsall, Chad, Hoag, Jeffrey B., Shah, Smita, Bisberg, Dorothy, Holsclaw, Douglas, Varlotta, Laurie, Fiel, Stan, Du, Doantrang, Zanni, Robert, Hadjiliadis, Denis: Daily spirometry in an acute exacerbation of adult cystic fibrosis patients. chronic respiratory disease 15(3): 258-264, AUG 2018 2018.

Courtwright, Andrew M., Zaleski, Derek, Gardo, Lisa, Ahya, Vivek N., Christie, Jason D., Crespo, Maria, Hadjiliadis, Denis, Lee, James, Molina, Maria, Patel, Namrata, Porteous, Mary, Cantu, Edward E., Bermudez, Christian, Diamond, Joshua M.: Causes, Preventability, and Cost of Unplanned Rehospitalizations Within 30 Days of Discharge After Lung Transplantation. transplantation 102(5): 838-844, MAY 2018 2018.

Carrion, Andres, Borowitz, Drucy S., Freedman, Steven D., Siracusa, Christopher M., Goralski, Jennifer L., Hadjiliadis, Denis, Srinivasan, Saumini, Stokes, Dennis C.: Reduction of Recurrence Risk of Pancreatitis in Cystic Fibrosis With Ivacaftor: Case Series. journal of pediatric gastroenterology and nutrition 66(3): 451-454, MAR 2018 2018.

Hamandi, B., Fegbeutel, C., Silveira, F. P., Verschuuren, E. A., Younus, M., Mo, J., Yan, J., Ussetti, P., Chin-Hong, P. V., Sole, A., Holmes-Liew, C. L., Billaud, E. M., Grossi, P. A., Manuel, O., Levine, D. J., Barbers, R. G., Hadjiliadis, D., Aram, J., Singer, L. G., Husain, S.: Voriconazole and squamous cell carcinoma after lung transplantation: A multicenter study. american journal of transplantation 18(1): 113-124, JAN 2018 2018.

Hong, Gina, Lechtzin, Noah, Hadjiliadis, Denis, Kawut, Steven M: Inhaled antibiotic use is associated with Scedosporium/Lomentospora species isolation in cystic fibrosis. pediatric pulmonology 2018-Dec-14 2018.

Kelly, Andrea, De Leon, Diva D, Sheikh, Saba, Camburn, Devaney, Kubrak, Christina, Peleckis, Amy J, Stefanovski, Darko, Hadjiliadis, Denis, Rickels, Michael R, Rubenstein, Ronald C: Islet Hormone and Incretin Secretion in Cystic Fibrosis Following 4-months of Ivacaftor Therapy. american journal of respiratory and critical care medicine 2018-Aug-21 2018.

Law, N., Hamandi, B., Fegbeutel, C., Silveira, F., Verschuuren, E., Ussetti, P., Chin-Hong, P., Sole, A., Holmes-Liew, C. -L., Billaud, E., Grossi, P., Manuel, O., Levine, D., Barbers, R., Hadjiliadis, D., Singer, L., Husain, S.: Clinical Risk Factors for Bronchiolitis Obliterans Syndrome (BOS) in Lung Transplant Recipients (LTRs): Results of an International Cohort Study. american journal of transplantation 17(3): 288, APR 2017 2017.

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