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Yongping Wang, MD, PhD

Yongping Wang, MD, PhD

faculty photo
Assistant Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Department: Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Contact information
Stem Cell Lab, 5NW60 Main Building
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
34th Street and Civic Center Blvd
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-590-4759
Lab: 215-590-2807
B.S. (Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry; Economics)
Yale, 1995.
M.D, Ph.D. (Medicine; Pharmacology)
Dartmouth Medical School, 2003.
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Description of Clinical Expertise

cGMP cellular therapy, stem cell, bone marrow transplant, mesenchymal stromal cell (MSC)

Description of Research Expertise

RNAi, library screening, stem cell, erythropoiesis

Selected Publications

Wang Y, Speier JS, Engram-Pearl J, Wilson RB: Introduction of Mismatches in a Random shRNA-encoding Library Improves Potency for Phenotypic Selection. PLoS One 9(2): e87390, 2014.

Hanley PJ, Mei Z, da Cabreira-Hansen M, Klis M, Li W, Zhao Y, Durett AG, Zheng X, Wang Y, Gee AP, and Horwitz EM: Manufacturing Mesenchymal Stromal Cells for Phase I Clinical Trials. Cytotherapy 15(4): 416-422, 2013.

Wang Y, Wang YE, Cotticelli MG and Wilson RB: A Random shRNA-Encoding Library for Phenotypic Selection and Hit-Optimization Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 8th International Discovery On Target Meeting, Boston, MA 2010.

Wang Y, Wang YE, Cotticelli MG, Wilson RB: A random shRNA-encoding library for phenotypic selection and hit-optimization. PLoS One 3(9): e3171, 2008.

Wang Y, Wang YE, Cotticelli MG and Wilson RB: Synthesis of a Random shRNA-encoding Library for Phenotypic Selection and Hit-optimization. Academy of Clinical Laboratory Physicians and Scientists 43rd Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA 2008.

Wang Y, Kurichi JE, Blumenthal NP, Ahya VN, Christie JD, Pochettino A, Kaiser LR, Sonnad SS, Pollak ES: Multiple Variables Affecting Blood Usage in Lung Transplantation. J Heart Lung Transplant 25: 533-8, 2006.

Wang Y, Magee D, Siegel D, Sachais B and Sesok-Pizzini D: Management of a severe blood shortage in a university hospital. Annual meeting of the American College of Preventive Medicine, Orlando, FL 2004.

Suh N, Glasebrook AL, Palkowitz AD, Bryant HU, Burris LL, Starling JJ, Pearce HL, Williams C, Peer C, Wang Y, Sporn MB: Arzoxifene, a new selective estrogen receptor modulator for chemoprevention of experimental breast cancer. Cancer Res 61: 8412-5, 2001.

Honda T, Rounds BV, Bore L, Finlay HJ, Favaloro FG Jr, Suh N, Wang Y, Sporn MB, Gribble GW: Synthetic Oleanane and Ursane Triterpenoids with Modified Rings A and C: A Series of Highly Active Inhibitors of Nitric Oxide Production in Mouse Macrophages. J. Med. Chem. 43: 4233-46, 2000.

Honda T, Gribble GW, Suh N, Finlay HJ, Rounds BV, Bore L, Favaloro FG Jr, Wang Y, Sporn MB: Novel synthetic oleanane and ursane triterpenoids with various enone functionalities in ring A as inhibitors of nitric oxide production in mouse macrophages. J. Med. Chem 43: 1866-77, 2000.

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