Mortimer Poncz, MD

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Professor of Pediatrics
Department: Pediatrics
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3615 Civic Center Blvd.
Division of Hematology
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Abramson Research Bdg. Rm. 317
Philadelphia, PA 19104-4318
Office: (215) 590-3574
Fax: (267) 426-5476
Columbia University, 1972.
University of Pennsylvania, 1976.
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Description of Research Expertise

Research Interests
Role of platelets in thrombus development

Key words: platelet; megakaryocyte; hematopoiesis; thrombosis.

Description of Research
My research efforts focus on the megakaryocyte-platelet-thrombus axis. The process by which hematopoietic stem cells differentiate into megakaryocytes, which then release platelets and the function of platelets in thrombosis and inflammation are the central foci of my laboratory. Many of the studies focus on the biology and pathobiology of the platelet-specific proteins, chemokines Platelet Factor 4 (PF4)/Platelet Basic Protein (PBP) and the integrin alphaIIb/beta3 receptor.

Rotation Projects for 2006-2007
1. Murine models of thrombosis.
2. Regulation of megakaryocyte gene expression.
3. Gene therapy lentiviral studies for bleeding disorders. Chemokine sin thrombosis and angiogenesis.

Lab personnel:
1 grad student
1 MD post-doc
3 PhD post-docs
5 lab techs
1 Assist Prof Res

Selected Publications

Cines DB, Zaitsev S, Rauova L, Rux AH, Stepanova V, Krishnaswamy S, Sarkar A, Kowalska MA, Zhao G, Mast AE, Blumberg LJ, McCrae KR, Poncz M, Hubbard JJ, Pyzik M, Blumberg RS: FcRn augments induction of tissue factor activity by IgG-containing immune complexes. Blood 135(23): 2085-2093, Jun 2020.

Johnston I, Sarkar A, Hayes V, Koma GT, Arepally GM, Chen J, Chung DW, López JA, Cines DB, Rauova L, Poncz M: Recognition of PF4-VWF complexes by heparin-induced thrombocytopenia antibodies contributes to thrombus propagation. Blood 135(15): 1270-1289, Apr 2020.

Gollomp K, Sarkar A, Harikumar S, Seeholzer SH, Arepally GM, Hudock KM, Rauova L, Kowalska MA, Poncz M: Understanding how Fc-modification transforms a pathogenic HIT-like monoclonal antibody into a novel treatment for sepsis. Blood 135(10): 743-754, Mar 2020.

Adair BD, Alonso JL, van Agthoven J, Hayes V, Ahn HS, Yu IS, Lin SW, Xiong JP, Poncz M, Arnaout MA: Structure-guided design of pure orthosteric inhibitors of αIIbβ3 that prevent thrombosis but preserve hemostasis. Nature Communications 11(1): 398, Jan 2020.

DeHelian DJ, Gupta S, Wu J, Thorsheim CL, Estevez B, Cooper M, Litts K, Lee-Sundlov MM, Hoffmeister K, Poncz M, Ma P, Brass LF: RGS10 and RGS18 differentially limit platelet activation, promote platelet production, and prolong platelet survival. Blood 2020.

Patel A, Clementelli CM, Jarocha D, Mosoyan G, Else C, Kintali M, Fong H, Tong J, Gordon R, Gillespie V, Keyzner A, Poncz M, Hoffman R, Iancu-Rubin C: Pre-clinical development of a cryopreservable megakaryocytic cell product capable of sustained platelet production in mice. Transfusion 59(12): 3698-3713, Dec 2019.

Scanlon VM, Teixeira AM, Tyagi T, Zou S, Zhang PX, Booth CJ, Kowalska MA, Bao J, Hwa J, Hayes V, Marks MS, Poncz M, Krause DS.: Epithelial (E)-cadherin is a novel mediator of platelet aggregation and clot stability. Thromb Haemost 119(5): 744-757, May 2019.

Lyde RB, Ahn HS, Vo KK, Jarocha DJ, Tkaczynski J, Treffeisen E, Sullivan SK, Camire RM, Sabatino DE, French DL, Poncz M.: Infused factor VIII-expressing platelets or megakaryocytes as a novel therapeutic strategy for hemophilia A. Blood Advances 3(9): 1368-1378, May 2019.

Khandelwal S, Ravi J, Rauova L, Johnson A, Lee GM, Gilner JB, Gunti S, Notkins AL, Kuchibhatla M, Frank M, Poncz M, Cines DB, Arepally GM.: Polyreactive IgM initiates complement activation by PF4/heparin complexes through the classical pathway. Blood 132(23): 2431-2440, Dec 2018.

Gollomp K, Kim M, Johnston I, Hayes V, Welsh J, Arepally GM, Kahn M, Lambert MP, Cuker A, Cines DB, Rauova L, Kowalska MA, Poncz M.: Neutrophil accumulation and NET release contribute to thrombosis in HIT. JCI Insight 3(18): pii: 99445, Sept 2018.

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