Peter P. Reese, MD, MSCE

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Associate Professor of Medicine
Department: Medicine

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917 Blockley Hall
423 Guardian Drive
Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6021
Office: 215-573-8070
Fax: 215-615-0349
Lab: Cell Phone 215-900-3782
B.A. (Anthropology)
Princeton University, 1993.
(Post-Baccalaureate Year)
University of Washington, 1994.
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, 1999.
University of Pennsylvania, 2007.
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Description of Research Expertise

Peter Reese, MD, MSCE is a transplant nephrologist and epidemiologist. He cares for patients at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

His research focuses on: a) developing effective strategies to increase access to kidney transplantation, b) improving the process of selecting and caring for live kidney donors, c) determining outcomes of health policies on vulnerable populations with renal disease, including the elderly, and d) testing strategies to improve important health behaviors such as medication adherence. He directs Penn’s Center for Quality, Analytics and Research in Transplantation (PQART). He also chairs the Ethics Committee for the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), which oversees organ allocation and transplant regulation in the United States. In recognition of his contributions to transplant research, he received a Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) in July 2012. The PECASE "recognizes and supports scientists and engineers who show exceptional promise for leadership at the frontiers of scientific knowledge."

In the transplant field, Dr. Reese has written specifically about the ethical implications of accepting live kidney donors with risk factors for kidney disease, live donor outcomes, the effects of organ allocation policy on vulnerable subgroups including children and the elderly, and better strategies to promote the careful use of higher-risk organs (e.g., “medically complex donors”).

Dr. Reese’s mission encompasses energetic support of talented and motivated young researchers at all stages of training. This Lab’s success reflects their creativity and efforts.

Dr. Reese's research support has included funds generously provided by:

· The National Institutes of Health

· A T. Franklin Williams Award in geriatric research (co-sponsored by the Association of Specialty Professors and the American Society of Nephrology) to examine the effects of emerging organ allocation proposals on older kidney transplant candidates

· The American Society of Transplantation to study outcomes among older live kidney donors

· A Greenwall Faculty Scholars Grant to examine the ethical implications of novel methods to increase organ donor registration

· CVS-Caremark, Merck, and Humana to test innovative strategies for improving medication adherence

Additional information about Dr. Reese’s current research can be found here:

Description of Content-based Expertise

Renal Epidemiology, Organ Transplantation, Ethics”

Selected Publications

Alasfar S, Hall IE, Mansour SG, Jia Y, Thiessen-Philbrook HR, Weng FL, Singh P, Schröppel B, Muthukumar T, Mohan S, Malik RF, Harhay MN, Doshi MD, Akalin E, Bromberg JS, Brennan DC, Reese PP, Parikh CR. C: Contemporary incidence and risk factors of post transplant Erythrocytosis in deceased donor kidney transplantation. BMC Nephrology 22(1): doi: 10.1186/s12882-021-02231-2, January 2021.

Raynaud M, Aubert O, Reese PP, Bouatou Y, Naesens M, Kamar N, Bailly É, Giral M, Ladrière M, Le Quintrec M, Delahousse M, Juric I, Basic-Jukic N, Gupta G, Akalin E, Chin CS, Proust-Lima C, Böhmig G, Oberbauer R, Stegall MD, Bentall AJ, Jordan SC, Huang E, Glotz D, Legendre C, Montgomery RA, Segev DL, Empana JP, Grams ME, Coresh J, Jouven X, Lefaucheur C, Loupy A: Trajectories of glomerular filtration rate and progression to end stage kidney disease after kidney transplantation. Kidney International 99(1): 186-197, January 2021.

Raynaud M, Zhang H, Louis K, Goutaudier V, Wang J, Dubourg Q, Wei Y, Demir Z, Debiais C, Aubert O, Bouatou Y, Lefaucheur C, Jabre P, Liu L, Wang C, Jouven X, Reese P, Empana JP, Loupy A: COVID-19-related medical research: a meta-research and critical appraisal BMC Medical Research Methodogy 21(1): doi: 10.1186/s12874-020-01190-w, January 2021.

Russell LB, Norton LA, Pagnotti D, Sevinc C, Anderson S, Finnerty Bigelow D, Iannotte LG, Josephs M, McGilloway R, Barankay I, Putt ME, Reese PP, Asch DA, Goldberg LR, Mehta SJ, Tanna MS, Troxel AB, Volpp KG: Using Clinical Trial Data to Estimate the Costs of Behavioral Interventions for Potential Adopters: A Guide for Trialists. Medical Decision Making 41(1): 9-20, January 2021.

Gillespie A, Gardiner HM, Fink EL, Reese PP, Gadegbeku CA, Obradovic Z: Does Sex, Race, and the Size of a Kidney Transplant Candidate's Social Network Affect the Number of Living Donor Requests? A Multicenter Social Network Analysis of Patients on the Kidney Transplant Waitlist. Transplantation 104(12): 2632-2641, December 2020.

King KL, Husain SA, Schold JD, Patzer RE, Reese PP, Jin Z, Ratner LE, Cohen DJ, Pastan SO, Mohan S: Major Variation across Local Transplant Centers in Probability of Kidney Transplant for Wait-Listed Patients. Journal of American Society of Nephrology 31(12): 2900-2911, December 2020.

Sise ME, Goldberg DS, Kort JJ, Schaubel DE, Alloway RR, Durand CM, Fontana RJ, Brown RS Jr, Friedewald JJ, Prenner S, Landis JR, Fernando M, Phillips CC, Woodle ES, Rike-Shields A, Sherman KE, Elias N, Williams WW, Gustafson JL, Desai NM, Barnaba B, Norman SP, Doshi M, Sultan ST, Aull MJ, Levitsky J, Belshe DS, Chung RT, Reese PP: Multicenter Study to Transplant Hepatitis C-Infected Kidneys (MYTHIC): An Open-Label Study of Combined Glecaprevir and Pibrentasvir to Treat Recipients of Transplanted Kidneys from Deceased Donors with Hepatitis C Virus Infection. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 31(11): 2678-2687, November 2020.

Sherman CB, Said A, Kriss M, Potluri VS, Levitsky J, Reese PP, Shea JA, Serper M: In-Person Outreach and Telemedicine in Liver and Intestinal Transplant: A Survey of National Practices, Impact of Coronavirus Disease 2019, and Areas of Opportunity. Liver Transplant 26(10): 1354-1358, October 2020.

Barankay I, Reese PP, Putt ME, Russell LB, Loewenstein G, Pagnotti D, Yan J, Zhu J, McGilloway R, Brennan T, Finnerty D, Hoffer K, Chadha S, Volpp KG: Effect of Patient Financial Incentives on Statin Adherence and Lipid Control: A Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA Network Open 3(10): e2019429, October 2020 Notes: Co-First Author.

Barankay I, Reese PP, Putt ME, Russell LB, Loewenstein G, Pagnotti D, Yan J, Zhu J, McGilloway R, Brennan T, Finnerty D, Hoffer K, Chadha S, Volpp KG: Effect of Patient Financial Incentives on Statin Adherence and Lipid Control: A Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA 3(10): e2019429, October 2020.

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