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David T Grande, MD, MPA

David T Grande, MD, MPA

faculty photo
Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Department: Medicine

Contact information
3641 Locust Walk
Colonial Penn Center 407
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-573-3804
Fax: 215-898-0229
BS (Biotechnology)
Rutgers University, 1995.
MD (Medicine)
Ohio State University College of Medicine, 1999.
MPA (Public Affairs)
Princeton University (Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs), 2005.
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Description of Research Expertise

Health Policy, Medical Professionalism, Influences of Marketing, Vulnerable Populations and Health Care Access, Urban Health

Selected Publications

Grande, D., Asch, D.A., Wan, F., Bradbury, A., Ragsi, R., Mitra, N. : Are patients with cancer less willing to share their health information: Privacy, sensitivity, and social purpose. Journal of Oncology Practice Epub ahead of print, September 2015.

Lorch, SA, Martin, AE, Ranada, R, Srinivas, SK, Grande, D : Lessons for providers and hospitals from Philadelphia's obstetric services closures and consolidations, 1997-2012. Health Affairs 33(12): 2162-2169, December 2014.

Grande, D, Barg, FK, Johnson, S, Cannuscio, CC: Life disruptions for midlife and older adults with high out-of-pocket health expenditures. Ann Fam Med 11: 37-42, Jan-Feb 2013.

Grande, D, Mitra, N, Wan, F, Shah, A, Asch, DA: The importance of purpose: moving beyond consent in the societal use of personal health information. Annals of Internal Medicine 161: 855-862, December 2014.

Manz, C, Ross, JS, Grande, D: Marketing to physicians in a digital world. N Engl J Med 371: 1857-1859, November 2014.

Grande, D, Gollust, SE, Asch, DA: Polling analysis: Public support for health reform was broader than reported and depended on how proposals were framed. Health Affairs 30: 1242-1248, July 2011.

Grande, D, Mitra, N, Wan, F, Shah, A, Asch, DA: Patient preferences for consent for secondary uses of electronic health information. Academy Health Annual Research Meeting Poster Session June 2014.

Kangovi, S., Mitra, N., Grande, D., White, M., McCollum, S., Sellman, J., Shannon, R., Long, J.A.: Patient-centered community health worker intervention to improve posthospital outcomes: randomized clinical trial. JAMA Internal Medicine 174(4): 535-543, February 2014.

Grande, D: Limiting the influence of pharmaceutical industry gifts on physicians: Self regulation or government intervention? J Gen Intern Med 25: 79-83, January 2010.

Grande, D., Mitra, N., Shah, A., Wan, F., Asch, D.A. : Public preference about secondary uses of electronic health information. JAMA Internal Medicine 173(19): 1798-1806, October 2013.

Frosch, DL, Grande, D, Tarn, DM, Kravitz, RL: A decade of controversy: Balancing policy with evidence in the regulation of prescription drug advertising. Am J Public Health 100: 24-32, January 2010.

Kangovi, S., Barg, F.K., Carter, T., Long, J.A., Shannon, R., Grande, D. : Understanding Why Patients Of Low-Socioeconomic Status Prefer Hospitals Over Ambulatory Care. Health Affairs 32(7): 1196-1203 July 2013.

Polksy, D., Grande, D.: The burden of health care costs for working families - Implications for reform. N Engl J Med 361: 437-439, July 2009.

Grande, D: The cost of drug coupons. JAMA 307: 2375-2376, June 2012.

Grande, D., Asch, D.A., Armstrong, K.: Do doctors vote? J Gen Intern Med 22(5): 585-89, May 2007.

Grande, D., Frosch, D.L., Perkins, A.W., Kahn, B.E. : Effect of exposure to small pharmaceutical promotional items on treatment preferences. Arch Intern Med 169: 887-893, May 2009.

Grande, D., Asch, D.A.: Commercial versus social goals of tracking what doctors do N Engl J Med 360: 747-749, Feb 2009.

Grande, D, Shea, JA, Armstrong, KA: Pharmaceutical industry gifts to physicians: Patient beliefs and trust in physicians and the health care system. J Gen Intern Med March 2011.

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