Heather A. McClung Pasqualino, M.D.

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Assistant Professor of Clinical Anesthesiology and Critical Care
Department: Anesthesiology and Critical Care

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Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
3401 Civic Center Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-590-1858
Fax: 215-590-1415
B.A. (Biology)
La Salle University , 1998.
M.D. (Medicine)
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, 2003.
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Selected Publications

Seral S, McClung H, Rizwan A, Hu HH, Subramanyam R, Otero H. : MRI without Sedation and Anesthesia: Are we there yet? International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, Annual Meeting April 2020 Notes: Virtual due to COIVD.

McClung H, Subramanyam R.: Airway Emergencies and Safety in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Suite. Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation Newsletter 35(1): 10-11, February 2020.

Arnez K, Jablonka D, Mahmoud M, McClung H, Busch M, Subramanyam R: Systemic review of preoperative screening of obstructive sleep apnea and anesthesia outcomes. Society for Pediatric Anesthesia, Annual Meeting, Houston, TX March 2019 Notes: eAbstract Presentation.

Elliott E, McClung H, Kurth CD: Medication Errors and Medication Safety: Preventable Events in the Operating Room. Current Reviews in Clinical Anesthesia. Frank Moya, MD (eds.). Current Reviews CME, 39(10), December 2018.

Martins O, McClung HA: Is it Time to Rethink Inhalational Induction for Children with Juvenile Myasthenia Gravis? American Society of Anesthesiologists Meeting. San Francisco, CA October 2018 Notes: Poster Presentation.

Jablonka DH, Garcia-Marcinkiewicz A, Nadji A, Galvez J, Schnoll R, McClung H, Subramanyam R: Perioperative Respiratory Adverse Events in Children Exposed to Secondhand Smoke. American Society of Anesthesiologists Meeting, San Francisco, CA October 2018 Notes: eAbstract presentation.

McClung HA, Jablonka D, Subramanyam R: Screening for Pediatric Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Society of Anesthesia and Sleep Medicine Newsletter 7(3): 10-11, Sept 2018 Notes: review article.

Garcia-Marcinkiewicz A, Jablonka D, Nadji A, Galvez J, Schnoll R, McClung H, Subramanyam R: Perioperative Adverse Events in Children Exposed to Secondhand Smoke. International Airway Management Meeting, Xian China March 2018 Notes: Oral Presentation.

Fazi L, McClung HA: Trauma Trends for Tots: A National Survey. American Society of Anesthesiologists National Meeting, New Orleans, LA October 2014 Notes: Poster Presentation.

McClung HA, Schwartz R: Anesthetic Management of Tracheoesophogeal Fistula Repair in a Newborn with Double Outlet Right Ventricle. Journal of Clinical Anesthesia 23(8): 643-645, 2011.

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