Sharon Rubin, MD, FACC

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Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine
Department: Medicine

Contact information
Penn Cardiology Pennsylvania Hospital
Farm Journal Building, 3rd Floor
230 West Washington Square
Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia, PA 19106
Office: (215) 829-5064
University of Pennsylvania , 1985.
Temple University School of Medicine, 1990.
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Selected Publications

Meredith Birsner and Sharon Rubin: Cardiac Diseases Maternal-Fetal Evidence Based Guidelines 3rd Edition Vincenzo Berghella (eds.). CRC Press Taylor & Francis Group, 2017.

Sharma Sunil, Ankit Gupta, Sharon Rubin, Gordon Reeves, Raphael Bonita, Robert Tavella, Leslee Willes, Paul Mather: Treatment of Sleep Disordered Breathing in Patients Admitted for Decompensated Heart Failure Reduces months Hospital Visits. Journal of the American College of Cardiology 65(10_S): A862, March 2015 Notes: Poster presentation.

Chandra A1, Pradhan R, Kim FY, Frisch DR, Bogar LJ, Bonita R, Cavarocchi NC, Greenspon AJ, Hirose H, Pitcher HT, Rubin S, Mather PJ: Recurrent orthostatic syncope due to left atrial and left ventricular collapse after a continuous-flow left ventricular assist device implantation. J Heart Lung Transplant 32(1): 129-33, Jan 2013.

Whellan DJ1, Droogan CJ, Fitzpatrick J, Adams S, McCarey MM, Andrel J, Mather P, Rubin S, Bonita R, Keith S: Change in intrathoracic impedance measures during acute decompensated heart failure admission: results from the Diagnostic Data for Discharge in Heart Failure Patients (3D-HF) Pilot Study. J Card Fail 18(2): 107-12, Feb 2012 Notes: Epub 2011 Dec 22.

Shailen Shah and Sharon Rubin: Cardiac disease. Maternal-Fetal Evidence Based Guidelines. Second Edition Informa Healthcare. Edited by Vincenzo Berghella (eds.). Page: 20 -26 Nov 2011

Ho Reginald T, Ortman Matthew, Mather Paul J, Rubin Sharon: Inappropriate sinus tachycardia in a transplanted heart--further insights into pathogenesis. Heart Rhythm 8(5): 781-3, May 2011 Notes: Epub 2010 Dec 23.

Kumar S, Rubin S, Mather PJ, Whellan DJ: Hyponatremia and vasopressin antagonism in congestive heart failure. Clinical Cardiol 30(11): 546-51, Nov 2007.

Nagarakanti R1, Whellan D, Rubin S, Mather PJ: Reversible cardiomyopathies. Cardiol Rev 15(4): 178-83, Jul-Aug 2007.

Saltzman Heath E, Sharma Kumar, Mather Paul J, Rubin Sharon, Adams Suzanne, Whellan David Joshua: Renal dysfunction in heart failure patients: what is the evidence? Heart Failure Reviews 12(1): 37-47, Mar 2007.

Marelli D, Silvestry SC, Zwas D, Mather P, Rubin S, Dempsey AF, Stein L, Rodriguez E, Diehl JT, Feldman AM: Modified inferior vena caval anastomosis to reduce tricuspid valve regurgitation after heart transplantation. Tex Heart Inst J 34(1): 30-5, 2007.

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