Helen C Koenig, MD, MPH

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Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine
Department: Medicine

Contact information
Division of Infectious Diseases
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
MacGregor Infectious Disease Practice
3400 Civic Center Boulevard
South Pavilion 4th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-662-6932
Fax: 215-662-7899
AB (Molecular Biology)
Princeton University, 1999.
Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University, 2003.
MPH (Public Health graduate training)
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 2009.
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Description of Clinical Expertise

HIV, HIV-hepatitis C coinfection, treatment of multi-drug resistant HIV, General Infectious Diseases, Hospital-Acquired Infections, general Infectious Diseases

Description of Research Expertise

HIV prevention

Selected Publications

Jayaraman S, Lalley-Chareczko L, Williams S, Clark D, Nahan R, Koenig HC: “Determining Why HIV PrEP Patients Become Lost-to-Care Can Improve PrEP Retention” Poster presented at the National Sexual Health Conference, Denver, CO July 2017.

Patel RR, Amico R, Harrison LC, Lalley-Chareczko L, Anderson P, Presti R, Mayer KH, Patil S, Moorthy GS, Zuppa AF, Koenig HC: Comparing Urine with Dried Blood Spots to Assess Tenofovir Levels for HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Adherence (Abstract 976) Poster presented at the International AIDS Society Conference, Paris, France July 2017.

Koenig HC, Mounzer K, Daughtridge GW, Sloan CE, Lalley-Chareczko L, Moorthy GS, Conyngham SC, Zuppa AF, Montaner LJ, Tebas P. : Urine Assay for Tenofovir to Monitor Adherence in Real Time to TDF/FTC as PrEP. HIV Medicine 18(6): 412-418, July 2017.

Young L, Lalley-Chareczko L, Clark D, Ramos M, Troutman G, Cantor R, DiFlavis L, and Koenig HC: Correlation of PrEP Adherence to a Mental Health Diagnosis or Experience of Childhood Trauma in High-Risk Youth (Abstract 314). Poster presented at IAPAC Conference, Miami, FL June 2017.

Lalley-Chareczko L, Clark D, Zuppa AF, Moorthy G, Conyngham C, Mounzer K, Koenig H. : A case study of chewed Truvada for PrEP maintaining protective drug levels as measured by a novel urine tenofovir assay. Antiviral Therapy 2017 Page: doi: 10.3851/IMP3151. [Epub ahead of print] March 2017.

Lalley-Chareczko L, Clark D, Moorthy GS, Zuppa AF, Conyngham SC, Mounzer K, Tebas P, Koenig HC: Urine Tenofovir Testing to Measure PrEP Adherence Among Youth in a Real World Setting (Abstract 1732). Poster presented at (CROI) Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections, Seattle, WA February 2017.

Lalley-Chareczko L, Conyngham SC, Daughtridge GW, Clark D, Moorthy GS, Zuppa AF, Koenig HC: “Tenofovir Stability in Urine at Variable Temperatures” Presented at the HIV Research for Prevention (HIVr4p) Conference, Chicago, IL October 2016.

19. Koenig HC, Lalley-Chareczko L, Sima J, Moorthy GS, Conyngham SC, Clark D, Sloan CE, Daughtridge GW, Zuppa AF, Mounzer K, Tebas P: Prospective Use of Urine Tenofovir Assay to Monitor Adherence to PrEP. Presented as an oral abstract at the IAPAC Conference, Fort Lauderdale, FL May 2016.

Conyngham SC, Warren CR, Koenig HC: PrEP Works But Only When You [Have Access To] Take It: Improving PrEP Access for Young People in Chicago and Philadelphia. Int J Virol AIDS 3(20): 20-21, March 2016.

Koenig HC, Johnson ATC, Mounzer K, Daughtridge GW, Lalley-Chareczko L, Moorthy GS, Zuppa A, Conyngham SC, Montaner LJ, Tebas P: Assays to Detect Tenofovir in Urine to Monitor Adherence to PrEP. Presented as an oral abstract at From Bench to Bus Stop: Building HIV Research Collaborations in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA January 2016.

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