David F. Dinges, Ph.D.

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Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry
Department: Psychiatry
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Chief, Division of Sleep and Chronobiology
Director, Unit for Experimental Psychiatry
Department of Psychiatry
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
1013 Blockley Hall
423 Guardian Drive
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6021
Office: 215-898-9949
Fax: 215-573-6410
A.B. (Psychology)
Saint Benedict's College, Honors, 1971.
M.S. (Physiological Psychology)
Saint Louis University, 1974.

Washington University, Central Institute for the Deaf, 1975.
Ph.D. (Physiological Psychology)
Saint Louis University, 1976.
M.A. (Honorary)
University of Pennsylvania , 1993.
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Description of Research Expertise

Sleep; chronobiology; human neurobehavioral functions; cognitive performance; psychophysiological asssessment

Description of Clinical Expertise

pathological and excessive sleepiness

Description of Other Expertise

human behavior and performance functioning in space flight

Selected Publications

Boland, E.M, Rao, H., Dinges, D.F., Smith, R.V., Goel, N., Detre, J.A. Basner, M., Sheline, Y.I., Thase, M.E., Gehrman, P.R: Meta-analysis of the antidepressant effects of acute sleep deprivation. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry September 2017 Notes: Epub.

Basner, M., Hermosillo, E., Nasrini, J., McGuire, S., Saxena, S., Moore, T.M., Gur, R.C., Dinges, D.F.: Repeated administration effects on psychomotor vigilance test (PVT) performance. SLEEP November 2017.

Moore, T.M., Basner, M., Nasrini, J., Hermosillo, E., Kabadi, S., Roalf, D.R., McGuire, S., Ecker, A., Ruparel, K., Port, A.M., Jackson, C.T., Dinges, D.F., Gur, R.C.: Validation of the cognition test battery for spaceflight in a sample of highly educated adults. Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance 88(10): 937-946, October 2017.

Basner, M., Dinges, D.F., Shea, J., Small, D., Zhu, J., Ecker, A., Novak, C., Bellini, L, Volpp, K: Sleep and alertness in medical interns and residents: an observational study on the role of extended shifts. SLEEP 40(4): Article Number PII zsx027, April 2017.

Zhang, S.L., Bai, L., Goel, M., Bailey, A., Jang, C.J., Bushman, F.D., Meerlo, P., Dinges, D.F., Sehgal, A: Human and rat gut microbiome composition is maintained following sleep restriction. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA. 114(8): E1564-E1571, February 2017.

Spaeth, A.M., Dinges, D.F., Goel, N. : Objective measurements of energy balance and sleep architecture are associated in healthy adults. SLEEP 40(1), January 2017.

Prasad, B., Usmani, S., Steffen, A.D., Van Dongen, H., Pack, F.M., Strakovsky, I., Staley, B., Dinges, D., Maislin, G., Pack, A.I., Weaver, T.E. : Short-Term Variability in Apnea-Hypopnea Index During Extended Home Portable Monitoring. Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine February 2016.

. Mullington, J.M., Abbott, S.M., Carroll, J.E., Dijk, D-J., Dinges, D.F., Gehrman, P.R., Ginsburg, G.S., Gozal, D., Haack, M., Lim, D.C., Macrea, M., Pack, A.I., Plante, D.T., Teske, J.A., Zee, P: Developing biomarker arrays predicting sleep and circadian-coupled risks to health. SLEEP 39(4): 727-736, 2016.

Spaeth, A.M., Dinges, D.F., Goel, N. : Response to: "Can racial differences in resting metabolic rate be explained by body composition?" Obesity 24(6): 1204, 2016.

Spaeth, A.M., Dinges, D.F., Goel, N. : Objective measurements of energy balance and sleep architecture are associated in healthy adults. SLEEP 2016.

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