Victoria E. Johnson, MBChB, Ph.D.

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Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery
Department: Neurosurgery

Contact information
173 Stemmler Hall,
3450 Hamilton Walk,
Philadelphia, PA 19104
BSc (Clinical Neuroscience)
The University of Glasgow, 2003.
MBChB (Medicine)
The University of Glasgow, 2005.
Ph.D. (Neuropathology)
The University of Glasgow, 2012.
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Description of Research Expertise

Dr. Johnson received both her medical degree and PhD from the University of Glasgow, UK. She then pursued a post-doctoral fellowship with Dr. Douglas H. Smith, M.D. at the Dept. Neurosurgery, University of Pennsylvania and the Penn Center for Brain Injury and Repair.
Her research focuses on the chronic neuropathological sequelae of traumatic brain injury (TBI), including the links between TBI and neurodegenerative disease. Specifically, Dr Johnson has extensive experience in examining post—mortem brain tissue acutely and chronically following TBI in humans. In recent publications, Dr. Johnson and colleagues demonstrated that even a single TBI is associated with an increased incidence of Alzheimer-associated pathologies many years after injury. Moreover, it was identified that a single severe TBI can also induce chronic neuroinflammation, axonal pathology and blood brain barrier (BBB) permeability that can persist for months and even years in some individuals after injury. More recent work endeavors to better understand the specific mechanisms of BBB dysfunction both acutely and chronically post-TBI.
Understanding the temporal changes following TBI by examining both clinical material and utilizing novel model systems, will be critical for the development of treatments for TBI patients.

Selected Publications

Mayer AR, Ling JM, Patton DA, Stephenson DD, Dodd AB, Dodd RJ, Rannou-Latella JG, Smith DH, Johnson VE, Cullen DK, Meier TB, Kinsler RE.: Non-Linear Device Head Coupling and Temporal Delays in Large Animal Acceleration Models of Traumatic Brain Injury. Ann Biomed Eng June 2022.

Kant A, Johnson VE, Arena JD, Dollé JP, Smith DH, Shenoy VB.: Modeling links softening of myelin and spectrin scaffolds of axons after a concussion to increased vulnerability to repeated injuries. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 118: e2024961118, Jul 2021.

ElSaadani M, Ahmed SM, Jacovides C, Lopez A, Johnson VE, Kaplan LJ, Smith DH, Pascual JL.: Post-traumatic brain injury antithrombin III recovers Morris water maze cognitive performance, improving cued and spatial learning. J Trauma Acute Care Surg 91: 108-113, Jul 2021.

Mayer AR, Ling JM, Dodd AB, Rannou-Latella JG, Stephenson DD, Dodd RJ, Mehos CJ, Patton DA, Cullen DK, Johnson VE, Pabbathi Reddy S, Robertson-Benta CR, Gigliotti AP, Meier TB, Vermillion MS, Smith DH, Kinsler R.: Reproducibility and Characterization of Head Kinematics During a Large Animal Acceleration Model of Traumatic Brain Injury. Front Neurol 12: 658461, Jun 2021.

LaPlaca MC, Huie JR, Alam HB, Bachstetter AD, Bayir H, Bellgowan PF, Cummings D, Dixon CE, Ferguson AR, Ferland-Beckham C, Floyd CL, Friess SH, Galanopoulou AS, Hall ED, Harris NG, Hawkins BE, Hicks RR, Hulbert LE, Johnson VE, Kabitzke PA, Lafrenaye AD, Lemmon VP, Lifshitz CW, Lifshitz J, Loane DJ, Misquitta L, Nikolian VC, Noble-Haeusslein LJ, Smith DH, Taylor-Burds C, Umoh N, Vovk O, Williams AM, Young M, Zai LJ.: Pre-Clinical Common Data Elements for Traumatic Brain Injury Research: Progress and Use Cases. J Neurotrauma 38: 1399-1410, May 2021.

Mayer AR, Dodd AB, Ling JM, Stephenson DD, Rannou-Latella JG, Vermillion MS, Mehos CJ, Johnson VE, Gigliotti AP, Dodd RJ, Chaudry IH, Meier TB, Smith DH, Bragin DE, Lai C, Wagner CL, Guedes VA, Gill JM, Kinsler R.: Survival Rates and Biomarkers in a Large Animal Model of Traumatic Brain Injury Combined With Two Different Levels of Blood Loss. Shock 55: 554-562, Apr 2021.

Smith DH, Dollé JP, Ameen-Ali KE, Bretzin A, Cortes E, Crary JF, Dams-O'Connor K, Diaz-Arrastia R, Edlow BL, Folkerth R, Hazrati LN, Hinds SR, Iacono D, Johnson VE, Keene CD, Kofler J, Kovacs GG, Lee EB, Manley G, Meaney D, Montine T, Okonkwo DO, Perl DP, Trojanowski JQ, Wiebe DJ, Yaffe K, McCabe T, Stewart W.: COllaborative Neuropathology NEtwork Characterizing ouTcomes of TBI (CONNECT-TBI). Acta Neuropathol Commun 9: 32, Mar 2021.

ElSaadani M, Ahmed SM, Jacovides C, Lopez A, Johnson VE, Kaplan LJ, Schwab CW, Smith DH, Pascual JL.: Antithrombin III ameliorates post-traumatic brain injury cerebral leukocyte mobilization enhancing recovery of blood brain barrier integrity. J Trauma Acute Care Surg 90: 274-280, Feb 2021.

Arena JD, Johnson VE, Lee EB, Gibbons GS, Smith DH, Trojanowski JQ, Stewart W.: Astroglial tau pathology alone preferentially concentrates at sulcal depths in chronic traumatic encephalopathy neuropathologic change. Brain Commun 2: fcaa210, Dec 2020.

Alisafaei F, Gong Z, Johnson VE, Dollé JP, Smith DH, Shenoy VB.: Mechanisms of Local Stress Amplification in Axons near the Gray-White Matter Interface. Biophys J 119: 1290-1300, Oct 2020.

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