David E. Longnecker

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Horatio C. Wood Emeritus Professor of Anesthesia
Department: Anesthesiology and Critical Care

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Association of American Medical Colleges
2450 N Street, NW
Washington, DC 20037-1127
Office: 202-862-6113
Indiana University, 1961.
Indiana University, 1964.
Indiana University, 1968.
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Selected Publications

Longnecker DE, Henson DE, Wilczek K, Wray JL, Miller ED: Future directions for academic practice plans: Thoughts on organization and management from Johns Hopkins University and the University of Pennsylvania. Acad Med 78: 1130-1143, 2003 Notes: accepted.

Silber JH, Kennedy SK, Evan-Shoshan O, Chen W, Mosher RE, Showan AM, Longnecker DE: Anesthesiologist board certification and patient outcomes. Anesthesiology 96: 1044-1052, 2002.

Longnecker DE: Education in anesthesiology for the 21st century. J Anesth 16: 65-69, 2002.

Longnecker, DE: Fluid Resuscitation: The IOM Report. Medicine, Technology & Human Factors in Trauma Care: A Civilian & Military Perspective. Baltimore, National Study Center, Page: 128-134, 2002.

Silber JH, Rosenbaum PR, Trudeau ME, Evan-Shoshan O, Chen W, Zhang X, Mosher RE, Longnecker DE: Multivariate matching and bias reduction in the surgical outcomes study. Med Care 39: 1048-1064, 2001.

Loeb AL, Gödény I, Longnecker DE: Functional evidence for inward-rectifier potassium channels in rat cremaster muscle arterioles. Microvasc Res 59: 1-6, 2000.

Silber, JH, Kennedy SK, Even-Shoshan O, Chen W, Koziol LF, Showan AM, Longnecker DE: Anesthesiologist direction and patient outcomes. Anesthesiology 93: 152-163, 2000.

D’Alessandri RM, Albertsen P, Atkinson BF, Dickler RM, Jones RF, Kirch DG, Longnecker DE, McAnarney ER, Parisi VM, Selby SE, Stapczynski JS, Thompson JW, Wasserman AG, Zuza KL: Measuring contributions to the clinical mission of medical schools and teaching hospitals. Acad Med 75: 1231-1237, 2000.

Baumgardner JE, Loeb AL, Longnecker DE: Microcirculation. Cardiovascular Physiology, 2nd Edition. Priebe HJ, Skarvan K (eds.). London, BMJ Publishing Group, Page: 307-330, 2000.

Longnecker, DE: Role of Anesthesia Provider on Surgical Outcomes. Abstracts of Scientific Papers, New York State PostGraduate Assembly in Anesthesiology Dec 1999.

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