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Thomas R. Ten Have, Ph.D

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Department: Biostatistics and Epidemiology

Contact information
Division of Biostatistics
Department of Biostatistics and Clinical Epidemiology
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
607 Blockley Hall, 423 Guardian Drive
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6021
Office: (215) 573-4885
Fax: (215) 573-4865
Grand Rapids Junior College, 1978.
B.A. (Statistics)
University of Michigan, 1981.
M.P.H. (Biostatistics)
University of Michigan, 1982.
Ph.D. (Biostatistics)
University of Michigan, 1991.
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Description of Research Expertise

Clinical trials
Observational studies
Disparities research
Behavioral science

Selected Publications

Ten Have, T.R., Kunselman, A.R., Pulksteins, E.P. and Landis, J.R.: Mixed effects logistic regression models for longitudinal binary response data with informative drop-out. Biometrics 54: 367-383, 1998.

Localio, A.R., Berlin, J.A. and Ten Have, T.: Confounding due to cluster in multicenter studies - causes and cures. Health Services and Outcomes Research Methodology 3: 195-210, 2002.

Ten Have, T.R., Elliott, M., Joffe, M., Zanutto, E. and Datto, C. : Causal models for randomized physician encouragement trials in treating primary care depression. Journal of the American Statistical Association 99: 8-16, 2004.

Small, D., Ten Have, T.R. and Cheng, J. : Random effects logistic models for analyzing efficacy of a longitudinal journal treatment with non-adherence. Statistics in Medicine 25: 1981-2007, 2006.

Ten Have, T., Joffe, M., Lynch, K., Brown, G., Maistro, S. and Beck, A.: Causal mediation analyses with rank preserving models. Biometrics 63: 926-934, 2007.

Murphy, S.A., Lynch, K.G., Oslin, D., McKay, J.R. and Ten Have, T.: Developing adaptive treatment strategies in substance abuse research. Drug and Alcohol Dependence 88: S24-S30, 2007.

Ten Have, T., Norman, S.L., Marcus, S., Brown, C.H. and Lavori, P.: Intent-to-treat vs. non-intent-to-treat analyses under treatment non-adherence in mental health randomized trials. Psychiatric Anaals 38(12), 2008.

Brown, C.H., Ten Have, T., Jo, B., Dagne, G., Wyman, P., Muthen, B. and Gibbons, R.: Adaptive designs for randomized trials in public health. Annals of Review of Public Health 30(17): 17.1-17.25, 2009.

Kahn, J.M., Ten Have, T.R. and Iwashyna, T.J.: The relationship between hospital volume and mortality in mechanical ventilation: an instrumental variable analysis Health Services Research 44: 862-879, 2009.

Almirall, D., Ten Have, T. and Murphy, S.: Structural nested mean models for assessing ttime-varying effect moderation. Biometrics 66: 131-139, 2010.

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