Kai Ruppert, PhD

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Research Assistant Professor of Radiology
Department: Radiology

Contact information
University of Pennsylvania
Department of Radiology
3400 Spruce St. 1, Silverstein
Philadelphia, PA 19104
BS (Physics)
Technische Universitaet Braunschweig, 1990.
MS (Physics)
Technische Universitaet Braunschweig, 1994.
PhD (Biophysics)
University of Virginia, 1999.
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Selected Publications

Thomen RP, Quirk JD, Roach D, Egan-Rojas T, Ruppert K, Patterson GA, Altes TA, Yablonskiy D, Woods JC.: Direct comparison of 129 Xe diffusion measurements with quantitative histology in human lungs. Magn Reson Med 77(1): 265-272, January 2017.

Ruppert K, Altes TA, Mata JF, Ruset IC, Hersman FW, Mugler JP 3rd.: Detecting Pulmonary Capillary Blood Pulsations Using Hyperpolarized 129Xe Chemical Shift Saturation Recovery (CSSR) MR Spectroscopy. Magn Reson Med 75(4): 1771-80, April 2016.

Qing K, Mugler JP 3rd, Altes TA, Jiang Y, Mata JF, Miller GW, Ruset IC, Hersman FW, Ruppert K. : Assessment of Lung Function in Asthma and COPD using Hyperpolarized 129Xe Chemical Shift Saturation Recovery Spectroscopy and Dissolved-Phase MR Imaging. NMR in Biomedicine 27(12): 1490-1501, December 2014.

Ruppert K.: Biomedical imaging with hyperpolarized noble gases. Rep. Prog. Phys. 77(11): 116701, Nov 2014 Notes: Epub.

Mata J, Sheng K, Hagspiel K, Ruppert K, Sylvester P, Mugler J 3rd, Fernandes C, Guan S, Larner J, Read P. : Pulmonary toxicity in a rabbit model of stereotactic lung radiation therapy: Efficacy of a radio protector. Exp Lung Res. 40(6): 308-16, August 2014.

Qing K, Ruppert K, Jiang Y, Mata JF, Miller GW, Shim YM, Wang C, Ruset IC, Hersman FW, Altes TA, Mugler JP 3rd. : Regional mapping of gas uptake by blood and tissue in the human lung using hyperpolarized xenon-129 MRI. J Magn Reson Imaging. 39(2): 346-59, February 2014.

Dregely IM, Ruset IC, Wiggins G, Mareyam A, Altes TA, Mugler III JP, Altes TA, Meyer C, Ruppert K, Wald LL, Hersman FW. : 32-channel phased-array receive with asymmetric birdcage transmit coil for hyperpolarized xenon-129 lung imaging. Magn Reson Med 70(2): 576-583, November 2012.

Mackenzie JD, Hernandez A, Pena A, Ruppert K, Khrichenko D, Gonzalez L, Jawad AF, Wells L, Smith- Whitley K, Jaramillo D. : Magnetic resonance imaging in children with sickle cell disease - detecting alterations in the apparent diffusion coefficient in hips with avascular necrosis. Pediatr Radiol 42(6): 706-713, June 2012.

Dregely IM, Ruset IC, Mata JF, Ketel J, Ketel S, Distelbrink J, Altes TA, Mugler III JP, Miller GW, Hersman FW, Ruppert K. : Multiple-Exchange-Time Xenon Polarization Transfer Contrast (MXTC) MRI: Initial Results in Animals and Healthy Volunteers. Magn Reson Med 67(4): 943-953, April 2012.

Dregely I, Mugler JP 3rd, Ruset IC, Altes TA, Mata JF, Miller GW, Ketel J, Ketel S, Distelbrink J, Hersman FW, Ruppert K: "Hyperpolarized Xenon-129 Gas-Exchange Imaging of Lung Microstructure: First Case Studies in Subjects With Obstructive Lung Disease". J Magn Reson Imaging 33(5): 1052-62, May 2011.

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