Raina M Merchant, MD MSHP FAHA

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Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine
Department: Emergency Medicine

Contact information
PCAM, 3400 Civic Center Blvd, 14th floor, Innovation Suite
Philadelphia, PA 19104
BA (Psychobiology)
Yale University, 1998.
University of Chicago, Pritzker School of Medicine, 2003.
MS (Master of Science in Health Policy Research)
University of Pennsylvania, 2009.
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Description of Research Expertise

Dr. Merchant is an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and has a secondary appointment in the Department of Internal Medicine and Department of Anesthesia and Critical Care. She is a Co-Director of the RWJF Clinical Scholars Program at the University of Pennsylvania and the Director of the Penn Social Media and Health Innovation Lab (http://socialmedialab.upenn.edu/) Her research interest is in diffusion of innovation, social media, public health, and resuscitation science. Her work involves development and testing of health related mobile apps and she has conducted several projects evaluating health communication on social/mobile media sites like Facebook, Yelp, Foursquare, Gigwalk, and others. She additionally runs a Twitter lab which analyzes tweets related to resuscitation, critical care, and public health/policy. Much of her work bridges new technologies in the field of cardiovascular health. In this context, she is the Director of the MyHeartMap Challenge, (http://www.med.upenn.edu/myheartmap/) a social media and crowdsourcing project aimed at improving AED access and awareness by engaging the public to serve as citizen scientist. Dr. Merchant was recently recognized by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation as one of 10 young investigators likely to have a significant impact on the future of health and healthcare in the US.

Selected Publications

Edelson DP, Sasson C, Chan PS, Atkins DL, Aziz K, Becker LB, Berg RA, Bradley SM, Brooks SC, Cheng A, Escobedo M, Flores GE, Girotra S, Hsu A, Kamath-Rayne BD, Lee HC, Lehotzky RE, Mancini ME, Merchant RM, Nadkarni VM, Panchal AR, Peberdy MAR, Raymond TT, Walsh B, Wang DS, Zelop CM, Topjian A: Interim Guidance for Basic and Advanced Life Support in Adults, Children, and Neonates With Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19: From the Emergency Cardiovascular Care Committee and GWTG-R of the American Heart Association in Collaboration with the AAP, AARC, ACEP, SCCA, ASA, AACN and NEMSP Circulation April 2020 Notes: epub ahead of print.

Guntuku SC, Schwartz HA,, Kashyap A, Gaulton J, Stokes DC, Asch D.A, Ungar LH, Merchant RM: Variability in language used on social media prior to hospital visits. Nature (Scientific Reports) 10(1): 4346, March 2020.

South EC, Merchant RM: How can you responsibly enjoy nature during coronavirus? The Philadelphia Inquirer. https://www.inquirer.com/opinion/commentary/coronavirus-outside-nature-safety-philadelphia-20200320.html March 2020.

Galea S. Merchant RM, Lurie N.: The mental health consequences of the coronavirus and physical distancing: the need for prevention and early intervention. Journal of the American Medical Association Internal Medicine Feb 2020 Notes: (epub ahead of print).

Merchant RM, Lurie N: Social media and emergency preparedness in response to novel coronavirus. Journal of the American Medical Association Jan 2020 Notes: (epub ahead of print).

Griffis H, Asch DA,Schwartz HA, Ungar L, Buttenheim A, Barg FK, Mitra N, Merchant RM: Using social media to track geographic variability in language about diabetes across the US. Journal of Medical Internet Research 5(1): e14431, Jan 2020.

Merchant RM: Evaluating the potential role of social media in preventive health care. Journal of the American Medical Association Jan 2020 Notes: (pub ahead of print).

Stokes DC, Andy A, Guntuku SC, Ungar LH, Merchant RM: Public priorities and concerns regarding covid10 in an online discussion forum: longitudinal topic modeling Journal of General Internal Medicine 2020 Notes: (epub ahead of print).

Blewer AL, Putt ME, McGovern SK, Murray AD, Leary M, Riegel B, Shea JA, Berg RA, Asch DA, Viera AJ, Merchant RM, Nadkarni VM, Abella BS; CHIP Study Group: A pragmatic randomized trial of cardiopulmonary resuscitation training for families of cardiac patients before hospital discharge using a mobile application. Resuscitation 3(152): 28-35, 2020.

Topjian A, Aziz K, Kamath-Rayne BD, Atkins DL, Becker L, Berg RA, Bradley SM, Bhanji F, Brooks S, Chan M, Chan P, Cheng A, de Caen A, Duff JP, Escobedo M, Flores GE, Fuchs S, Girotra S, Hsu A, Joyner BL Jr, Kleinman M, Lasa JJ, Lee HC, Lehotzky RE, Levy A, Mancini ME, McBride ME, Meckler G, Merchant RM, Morgan RW, Nadkarni V, Panchal AR, Peberdy MA, Raymond T, Roberts K, Sasson C, Schexnayder SM, Sutton RM, Terry M, Walsh B, Wang DS, Zelop CM, Edelson DP.: Interim Guidance for Basic and Advanced Life Support in Children and Neonates With Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19. Pediatrics 2020 Notes: epub ahead of print.

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