Haresh M Kirpalani, MD, MSc

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Emeritus Professor CE of Pediatrics
Department: Pediatrics

Contact information
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Division of Neonatology
2nd Floor, Room 2415
34th Street and Civic Center Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-590-1653
Fax: 215-590-3051
Southhampton University Medical School, 1976.
Southampton University Medical School, 1978.
MRCP (Pediatrics (by exam))
Royal Colleges, London, 1982.
Royal Colleges, Canada, 1985.
Royal Colleges, London, 1998.
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Selected Publications

Guillen U, Kirpalani H: Ethical implications of the use of decision aids for antenatal counseling at the limits of gestational viability. Semin Fetal Neonatal Med Page: pii: S1744-165X(17)30115-4, Oct 2017 [Epub ahead of print] Notes: 10.1016/j.siny.2017.10.002.

Skibo M, Guillen U, Zhang H, Munson D, Mackley A, Nilan K, Kirpalani H: Constructing a relevant decision aid for parents of children with bronchopulmonary dysplasia. J Perinatol Oct 2017 [Epub ahead of print] Notes: doi: 10.1038/jp.2017.141.

Bamat N, Guevara J, Bryan M, Roberts R, Yoder B, Lemyre B, Chiu A, Millar D, Kirpalani H: Variation in positive end-expiratory pressure levels for mechanically ventilated extremely low birth weight infants. Journal of Pediatrics Dec 2017 (Epub ahead of print) Notes: DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jpeds.2017.10.065.

James J, Munson D, DeMauro SB, Langer JC, Dworetz AR, Natarajan G, Bidegain M, Fortney CA, Seabrook R, Vohr BR, Tyson JE, Bell EF, Poindexter BB, Shankaran S, Higgins RD, Das A, Stoll BJ, Kirpalani H: Outcomes of Preterm Infants following Discussions about Withdrawal or Withholding of Life Support. J Pediatr Page: 118-123, Nov 2017.

Foglia EE, Jensen EA, Kirpalani H: Delivery room interventions to prevent bronchopulmonary dysplasia in extremely preterm infants. J Perinatol 37(11): 1171-1179, Nov 2017.

Hay SC, Kirpalani H, Viner C, Soll R, Dukhovny D, Mao WY, Profit J, DeMauro SB, Zupancic JAP: Do trials reduce uncertainty? Assessing impact through cumulative meta-analysis of neonatal RCTs. J Perinatol 37(11): 1215-1219, Nov 2017.

Srinivasan L, Page G, Kirpalani H, Murray JC, Das A, Higgins RD, Carlo WA, Bell EF, Goldberg RN, Schibler K, Sood BG, Stevenson DK, Stoll BJ, Van Meurs KP, Johnson KJ, Levy J, McDonald SA, Zaterka-Baxter KM, Kennedy KA, Sanchez PJ, Duara S, Walsh MC, Shankaran S, Wynn JL, Cotten CM: Genome-wide association study of sepsis in extremely premature infants. Arch Dis Child Fetal Neonatal Ed 102(5): 439-445, Sep 2017.

Siemieniuk RAC, Lytvyn L, Mah Ming J, Mullen RM, Anam F, Otieno T, Guyatt GH, Taylor GP, Beltran-Arroyave C, Okwen PM, Nduati R, Kinuthia J, Luma HN, Kirpalani H, Merglen A, Lesi OA, Vandvik PO, Agoritsas T, Bewley S: Antiretroviral therapy in pregnant women living with HIV: a clinical practice guideline. BMJ Sep 2017.

Jensen EA, Dysart KC, Gantz MG, Carper B, Higgins RD, Keszler M, Laughon MM, Poindexter BB, Stoll BJ, Walsh MC, Schmidt B: Association between Use of Prophylactic Indomethacin and the Risk for Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia in Extremely Preterm Infants. J Pediatr Page: 34-40, Jul 2017.

Andersen CC, Hodyl NA, Kirpalani HM, Stark MJ: A Theoretical and Practical Approach to Defining "Adequate Oxygenation" in the Preterm Newborn. Pediatrics 139(4), Apr 2017.

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