Eric Diffenderfer, Ph.D.

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Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Department: Radiation Oncology

Contact information
3400 Civic Center Blvd
TRC 2 West
Philadelphia, PA 19104
B.S. (Physics)
The Evergreen State College, 2001.
M.S. (Physics)
Florida State University, 2004.
Ph.D. (Nuclear Physics)
Florida State University, 2007.
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Description of Research Expertise

Proton SARRP development.
Proton and neutron microdosimetry.
Machine learning applications in Radiation Oncology.

Description of Clinical Expertise

Proton and X-ray therapy physics and dosimetry.

Selected Publications

Moyers M, Wang K, Diffenderfer E, Pankuch M, Mah C: Physics Essentials of Particle Therapy. Target Volume Delineation and Treatment Planning for Particle Therapy. Lee N., Leeman J.E., Cahlon O., Sine K., Jiang G., Lu J.J., Both S. (eds.). Springer, 2018.

Eric S Diffenderfer: Radiation Physics for Medical Physicists (Graduate Texts in Physics): 3rd Edition. Medical Physics Spetember 2018 Notes: Book Review.

J.M. Luna, E. Eaton, L.H. Ungar, E. Diffenderfer, S.T. Jensen, E.D. Gennatas, M. Wirth, C.B. Simone, T.D. Solberg, G. Valdes: Tree-Structured Boosting: Connections Between Gradient Boosted Stumps and Full Decision Trees. NIPS 2017 Symposium on Interpretable Machine Learning December 2017 Notes: Conference Proceedings,

A. Kalbasi, M. Kirk, B.K. Teo, E. Diffenderfer, X. Ding, J. McDonough, E. Murphy, C. Hill-Kayser: Proton craniospinal irradiation during the third trimester of pregnancy. Practical Radiation Oncology S1879-8500(17): 30262-X, September 2017.

J Luna, L Ungar, J Zou, J Weimer, E Diffenderfer: Towards Modeling Proton Pencil Beam Scanning for Accurate Simulated QA. Medical Physics 44(6): 2861, June 2017.

A Darafsheh, W Nie, E Diffenderfer, Y Xie, B Teo, A Kassaee: Investigation of the Feasibility of Collimating the Proton Pencil Beams for Integrated Depth Dose Measurement. Medical Physics 44(6): 2859, June 2017.

W Zou, L Yin, J Luna Castaneda, S O'Reilly, Y Xie, Y Xiao, E Diffenderfer, L Dong, B Teo: Hierarchical Clustering Based Atomic Composition Extraction From Dual Energy CT for Proton Monte Carlo Simulation. Medical Physics 44(6): 3004, June 2017.

Jose Marcio Luna, Gilmer Valdes, Abigail Berman, Eric Diffenderfer, Chimbu Chinniah, Grace Ma, Hann-Hsiang Chao, Timothy D. Solberg, Charles B. Simone II: Novel use of Machine Learning for Predicting Radiation Esophagitis in Locally Advanced Stage II-III Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC). International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics 2017.

Glick A, Diffenderfer E: An Evaluation and Quantification of Secondary Neutron Radiation Dose Due to Double Scatter and Pencil Beam Scanning Proton Therapy. Medical Physics 43(6): 3497, June 2016 Notes: poster.

Eric S Diffenderfer, Richard L. Maughan: Time-resolved microdosimetry in a therapeutic proton beam. 62nd Annual Meeting of the Radiation Research Society, Hawaii 2016 Notes: poster.

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