Nimesh D. Desai, M.D., Ph.D.

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Associate Professor of Surgery at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Department: Surgery

Contact information
Division of Cardiovascular Surgery
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
3400 Spruce Street, 6th Floor Silverstein Pavilion
Philadelphia, PA 19104-4283
B.Sc. (Biochemistry)
University of Ottawa, 1996.
University of Western Ontario, 2000.
Ph.D. (Clinical Epidemiology)
University of Toronto, 2008.
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Selected Publications

Desai ND, Bavaria JE: Aortic dissection. Mastery in Cardiothoracic Surgery. . (eds.). 2016 (in press).

Desai ND, Acker MA: Hybrid approach to ventricular tachycardia with endocardial and epicardial approaches. Interventional Cardiac Electrophysiology: A Multidisciplinary Approach. Damiano RJ Jr, Estes NAM III, Marchlinski FE. (eds.). Minneapolis, MN: CardioText Publ. 2016 (in press).

Rylski B, Bavaria JE, Szeto WY, Vallabhajosyula P, Milewski RK, Desai ND: Central vs. peripheral cannulation for type A aortic dissection: A propensity-matched analysis. Journal of Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery 2016 (In press).

Gutsche JT, Mikkelsen ME, McCarthy FH, Miano TA, Vernick WJ, Ramakrishna H, Patel PA, Augoustides Y, Szeto WY, Desai ND, Lane-Fall MB, Williams ML: Veno-venous extracorporeal life support in hemodynamically unstable patients with ARDS. Anesthesia & Analgesia Oct. 2016 (Epub).

Nauta FJH, Tolenaar JL, Patel HJ, Appoo JJ, Tsai TT, Desai ND, Montgomery DG, Mussa FF, Upchurch GR, Fattori R, Hughes GC, Nienaber CA, Isselbacher EM, Eagle KA, Trimarchi S: Impact of retrograde arch extension in acute type B aortic dissection on management and outcomes. Annals of Thoracic Surgery 102(6): 2036-2043, Dec. 2016.

Williams ML, Bavaria JE, Acker MA, Desai ND, Vallabhajosyula P, Hargrove WC, Atluri P, Szeto WY: Valve aelection in end-stage renal disease: Should it always be biological? Annals of Thoracic Surgery 102(5): 1531-1535, Nov. 2016.

Arnaoutakis GJ, Vallabhajosyula P, Bavaria JE, Sultan I, Siki M, Naidu S, Milewski RK, Williams ML, Hargrove WC, Desai ND, Szeto WY: The impact of deep vs. moderate hypothermia on postoperative kidney function after elective aortic hemiarch repair. Annals of Thoracic Surgery 102(4): 1313-1321, Oct. 2016.

McCarthy FH, Bavaria JE, McDermott KM, Moeller P, Spragan D, Hoedt A, Dibble T, Savino D, Williams ML, Vallabhajosyula P, Szeto WY, Desai ND: At the root of the repair debate: Outcomes after elective aortic root replacements for aortic insufficiency with aneurysm. Annals of Thoracic Surgery 102(4): 1199-1205, Oct. 2016.

Vallabhajosyula P, Szeto WY, Habertheuer As, Komlo C, Milewski RK, McCarthy F, Desai ND, Bavaria JE: Bicuspid aortic insufficiency with aortic root aneurysm: Root reimplantation vs. Bentall root replacement. Annals of Thoracic Surgery 102(4): 1221-1228, Oct. 2016.

McCarthy FH, McDermott KM, Spragan D, Hoedt A, Kini V, Atluri P, Gaffey A, Szeto WY, Acker MA, Desai ND: Unconventional volume-outcome associations in adult extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in the United States. Annals of Thoracic Surgery 102(2): 489-495, Aug. 2016.

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