Stephen J Hunt, MTR, MD, PhD

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Assistant Professor of Radiology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Department: Radiology

Contact information
Penn Image-Guided Interventions Laboratory
3400 Spruce Street/1 Silverstein
HUP Department of Radiology
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 800-789-7366
BS (H) (Biochemistry; Neuroscience)
Marlboro College, 1999.
PhD (Molecular & Cellular Physiology)
Stanford University School of Medicine , 2006.
Stanford University School of Medicine, 2008.
MTR (Translational Therapeutics)
Perelman School of Medicine, 2016.
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Description of Clinical Expertise

lung cancer, liver cancer, kidney cancer, metastatic disease, interventional oncology, oncology, cancer, ablation, cryoablation, microwave ablation, radiofrequency ablation, immunotherapy, radioembolization, chemoembolization

Description of Other Expertise

public speaking, science for the public, STEM, health care economics, health care politics

Description of Research Expertise

immuno-oncology, interventional oncology, cancer, cancer biology, immunotherapy, cell biology, cell physiology, animal models, translational research, vascular disease, health policy, health economics, GIS, artificial intelligence, ultrasound, AVUS, embolization, ablation, abscopal effect

Selected Publications

Lam Marnix G E H, Hunt Stephen J, El-Haddad Ghassan E, Alavi Abass: Evolving Role of PET in Interventional Radiology-Based Oncology Procedures. PET clinics 14(4): xiii-xiv, Oct 2019.

Julia C D’Souza, Laith R Sultan, Stephen J Hunt, Mrigendra B Karmacharya, Angela K Brice, Andrew AK Wood, Chandra M Sehgal: Multimodal Sonographic Assessment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Response to Antivascular Therapy. IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium Page: 974-977, Oct 2019.

Julia C. D’Souza1, Laith R. Sultan, Stephen J. Hunt, 2, Terence P. Gade, Mrigendra B. Karmacharya, Susan M. Schultz, Angela K. Brice, Andrew K. W. Wood, Chandra M. Sehgal: Microbubble-enhanced ultrasound for the antivascular treatment and monitoring of hepatocellular carcinoma. Nanotheranostics 3: 331-341, Oct 2019.

Alexander Erica S, Nadolski Gregory J, Soulen Michael C, Stavropoulos S William, Hunt Stephen J, Gade Terence P, Itkin Maxim, Shamimi-Noori Susan: Iatrogenic celiac and hepatic artery dissections during intra-arterial regional tumor therapies: a 16-year retrospective review. Abdominal radiology (New York) 44(10): 3480-3485, Oct 2019.

Seraj Siavash Mehdizadeh, Ayubcha Cyrus, Zadeh Mahdi Zirakchian, Alavi Abass, Hunt Stephen J: The Evolving Role of PET-Based Novel Quantitative Techniques in the Interventional Radiology Procedures of the Liver. PET clinics 14(4): 419-425, Oct 2019.

Hunt Stephen J, Seraj Siavash Mehdizadeh, Alavi Abass: PET Assessment of Immune Effects from Interventional Oncology Procedures. PET clinics 14(4): 477-485, Oct 2019.

Perkons Nicholas R, Kiefer Ryan M, Noji Michael C, Pourfathi Mehrdad, Ackerman Daniel, Siddiqui Sarmad, Tischfield David, Profka Enri, Johnson Omar, Pickup Stephen, Mancuso Anthony, Pantel Austin, Denburg Michelle R, Nadolski Gregory J, Hunt Stephen J, Furth Emma E, Kadlecek Stephen, Gade Terence P F: Hyperpolarized Metabolic Imaging Detects Latent Hepatocellular Carcinoma Domains Surviving Locoregional Therapy. Hepatology Sep 2019.

Tischfield David J, Ackerman Daniel, Noji Michael, Chen James X, Johnson Omar, Perkons Nicholas R, Nadolski Gregory J, Hunt Stephen J, Soulen Michael C, Furth Emma E, Gade Terence P: Establishment of hepatocellular carcinoma patient-derived xenografts from image-guided percutaneous biopsies. Scientific reports 9(1): 10546, Jul 2019.

Erinjeri Joseph P, Fine Gabriel C, Adema Gosse J, Ahmed Muneeb, Chapiro Julius, den Brok Martijn, Duran Rafael, Hunt Stephen J, Johnson D Thor, Ricke Jens, Sze Daniel Y, Toskich Beau Bosko, Wood Bradford J, Woodrum David, Goldberg S Nahum: Immunotherapy and the Interventional Oncologist: Challenges and Opportunities-A Society of Interventional Oncology White Paper. Radiology 292(1): 25-34, Jul 2019.

Wu Jing, Chang Joshua, Bai Harrison X, Su Chang, Zhang Paul J, Karakousis Giorgos, Reddy Shilpa, Hunt Stephen, Soulen Michael C, Stavropoulos S William, Zhang Zishu: A Comparison of Cryoablation with Heat-Based Thermal Ablation for Treatment of Clinical T1a Renal Cell Carcinoma: A National Cancer Database Study. JVIR 30(7): 1027-1033.e3, Jul 2019.

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