Matthew P Kirschen, MD, PhD

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Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology and Critical Care at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Associate Director, Pediatric Neurocritical Care, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Director, Pediatric Neurocritical Care Fellowship Program, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Department: Anesthesiology and Critical Care

Contact information
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
3401 Civic Center Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19104-4399
Office: 215-590-7430
BS (Neuroscience)
Brandeis University , 2000.
PhD (Neuroscience)
Stanford University School of Medicine , 2006.
MD (Medicine)
Stanford University School of Medicine, 2007.
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Selected Publications

Liu R, Majumdar T, Gardner MM, Burnett R, Graham K, Beaulieu F, Sutton RM, Nadkarni VM, Berg RA, Morgan RW, Topjian AA, Kirschen MP: Association of Postarrest Hypotension Burden With Unfavorable Neurologic Outcome After Pediatric Cardiac Arrest. Crit Care Med Online ahead of print, June 2024.

Andrist E, Kirschen MP: "Essentially as One of Fact to Be Determined by Physicians": Applying Lessons Learned From Brain Death to Normothermic Regional Perfusion. Am J Bioeth 24(6): 79-81, June 2024.

Park S, Beqiri E, Smielewski P, Aries M; CLINICCA (CLINical use of Information on Continuous monitoring of Cerebral Autoregulation): Inaugural State of the Union: Continuous Cerebral Autoregulation Monitoring in the Clinical Practice of Neurocritical Care and Anesthesia. Neurocrit Care 40(3): 855-864, June 2024.

Lewis A, Kirschen MP, Greer DM: Author Response: Pediatric and Adult Brain Death/Death by Neurologic Criteria Consensus Guideline: Report of the AAN Guidelines Subcommittee, AAP, CNS, and SCCM. Neurology 102(9): e209370, May 2024.

Graf WD, Epstein LG, Kirschen MP: Use of Neurological Criteria to Declare Death in Children. Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology Online ahead of print, May 2024.

Ford HR, Lieberman L, Prabhakar G, Liu H, Kirschen MP, Fitzgerald JC, Weiss SL, Abend NS, Topjian AA, Alcamo AM: EEG Features Associated with Mortality and New Morbidity in Critically Ill Children with Sepsis. Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting May 2024 Notes: Poster Presentation on May 2nd at PAS 2024.

Raymond TT, Topjian AA, Lasa J, Nadkarni VM, Kirschen MP, Petersen T, Wakeham M, Esangbedo I, Rajapreyar P, Sangmo Je, Griffis H, Zhang X, Francoeur C : Cerebral Oximetry During Pediatric In-hospital Cardiac Arrest: A Multicenter Study of Survival and Neurologic Outcome. Critical Care Medicine 52(5): 775-785, May 2024.

Corwin DJ, Myers SR, Arbogast KB, Lim MM, Elliott JE, Metzger KB, LeRoux P, Elkind J, Metheny H, Berg J, Pettijohn K, Master CL, Kirschen MP, Cohen AS: Head Injury Treatment With Healthy and Advanced Dietary Supplements: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial of the Tolerability, Safety, and Efficacy of Branched Chain Amino Acids in the Treatment of Concussion in Adolescents and Young Adults. Journal of Neurotrauma Online ahead of print, April 2024.

Hurlock A, Seeney A, Ranieri N, Burnett R, Douglas R, Majmudar T, Krishna A, Goto R, Forti R, Lynch J, Baker W, Kirschen M, Ko T: Diffuse Optical Monitoring of Cerebral Hemodynamics and Oxygen Metabolism after Pediatric Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest: Case Studies. Optica Biophotonics Congress: Biomedical Optics April 2024 Notes: Oral Presentation, April 9th, 2024, Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA.

Sun LR, Jordan LC, Smith ER, Aldana PR, Kirschen MP, Guilliams K, Gupta N, Steinberg GK, Fox C, Harrar DB, Lee S, Chung MG, Dirks P, Dlamini N, Maher CO, Lehman LL, Hong SJ, Strahle JM, Pineda JA, Beslow LA, Rasmussen L, Mailo J, Piatt J, Lang SS, Adelson PD, Dewan MC, Mineyko A, McClugage S, Vadivelu S, Dowling MM, Hersh DS: Pediatric Moyamoya Revascularization Perioperative Care: A Modified Delphi Study. Neurocritical Care 40(2): 857-602, April 2024.

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