Rebecca Green, MD

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Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics (Emergency Medicine)
Department: Pediatrics

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3501 Civic Center Boulevard
Colket Translational Research Building/2nd Floor
Division of Emergency Medicine
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Hamilton College, 2011.
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, 2015.
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Selected Publications

Kannikeswaran N, Spencer P, Fernandez R, Aronson PL, Lion KC, Singh N, Pickett ML, Bouvay K, Kelly J, Hartford EA, St. Pierre-Hetz R, Hincapie M, Green RS, Roach B, Kotler H, Corboy JB, Hoffmann JA, Gifford S, Ford V, Akinsola B, Chow JL, Tran TT, Tedford NJ, Thompson AD, Krack A, Bergmann KR, Lucrezia S, Piroutek MJ, Lin K, Truschel L, Chung S, Molyneaux ND, Chu J, Chowdhury N, Sartori LF, Dingeldein L, Rose J, Duong M, Cheng T, Jackson K, Bhaldokar S, Lababidi A, Pulcini CD, Theiler C, Waseem M, Lou XY, Gutman CK: Emergency department management and disposition of low-risk febrile infants with and without a documented primary care physician. Poster, Pediatric Academic Societies April 2023.

Green, RS: Child Abuse. 5-Minute Pediatric Emergency Medicine Consult, 3rd edition. Fleisher, G. and Ludwig, S. (eds.). Wolters Kluwer Health, 2023 Notes: Submitted.

Gutman CK, Aronson PL, Singh N, Pickett M, Bouvay K, Green RS, Roach B, Kotler H, Chow J, Hartford E, Hincapie M, St. Pierre Hetz R, Kelly J, Sartori L, Hoffmann J, Corboy J, Bergmann K, Akinsola B, Ford V, Tedford N, Tran T, Gifford S, Thompson A, Krack A, Piroutek M, Lucrezia S, Chung S, Chowdhury N, Jackson K, Cheng T, Pulcini C, Kannikeswaran N, Truschel L, Lin K, Chu J, Molyneaux N, Duong M, Dingeldein L, Rose J, Theiler C, Bhalodkar S, Powers E, Waseem M, Lababidi A, Yan X, Lou X, Fernandez R, Lion KC: Race, ethnicity, language and the management of low-risk febrile infants. JAMA Peds In Press 2023.

Green RS, Sartori LF, Lee BE, Linn AR, Samuels MR, Florin TA, Aronson PL, Chamberlain JM, Michelson KA, Nigrovic LE.: Prevalence and Management of Invasive Bacterial Infections in Febrile Infants Ages 2 to 6 Months. Ann Emerg Med 80(6): 499-506, Dec 2022.

Green RS, Aronson PL, Florin TA, Sartori LF, Chamberlain JM, Michelson KA, Samuels MR, Lee BE, Linn AR, Nigrovic LE: Predictors of invasive bacterial infections among febrile infants 2 to 6 months of age presenting to the emergency department. Poster, Pediatric Academic Societies April 2022.

Geanacopoulos AT, Porter JJ, Michelson KA, Green RS, Chiang VW, Monuteaux MC, Neuman MI: Declines in the number of Lumbar Punctures performed at U.S. Children's Hospitals. J Pediatr 231(1): 87-93, Apr 2021.

Green RS, Cruz AT, Freedman SB, Fleming AH, Balamuth F, Pruitt CM, Lyons TW, Okada PJ, Thompson AD, Mistry RD, Aronson PL, Nigrovic LE: The Champagne Tap: Time to Pop the Cork? Acad Emerg Med. 27(11): 1194-1198, Nov 2020.

Green, RS and Weiss, AK: Rotation Prep: Pediatric Emergency Medicine. NEJM Resident 360 2018.

Ha YP, Tesfalul MA, Littman-Quinn R, Seropola G, Antwi C, Green RS, Mapila TO, Bellamy SL, Ncube RT, Mugisha K, Ho-Foster AR, Luberti AA, Holmes JH, Steenhoff AP, Kovarik CL.: Evaluation of a mobile health approach to tuberculosis contact tracing in Botswana. J Health Commun. 21(10): 1115-21, Oct 2016.

Green RS, Gu X, Kline-Rogers E, Froehlich J, Mace P, Gray B, Katzen B, Olin J, Gornik HL, Cahill AM, Meyers KE: Differences between the pediatric and adult presentation of fibromuscular dysplasia: results from the US Registry. Pediatr Nephrol 31(4): 641-50, Apr 2016.

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