Joseph F Sobanko, MD, MBA

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Associate Professor of Dermatology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Director of Cosmetic Dermatology & Laser Surgery, University of Pennsylvania
Department: Dermatology

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Department of Dermatology
Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine
3400 Civic Center Blvd., Suite 1-330S
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-360-0909
Fax: 215-662-4132
BS (Major: Biology, Minor: Philosophy)
The University of Scranton, 2001.
MD (Recognition in Research)
State University of New York at Stony Brook, 2005.
M.B.A (Management)
The Wharton School at The University of Pennsylvania, 2022.
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Selected Publications

Frankel D, Chen M, Valdes-Morales K, Trifoi MD, Lubeck M, Etzkorn JR, Miller CJ, Walker JL: Association between hydroxyurea and cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma: a retrospective cohort study. Atlantic Dermatology Conference Apr 2027.

Lin SK, Deitermann AM, Nugent ST, Banala M, Zhang E, Easo N, Haynes D, Daneshpajouhnejad P, Miller CJ, Etzkorn JR, Stull CM, Modi M, Sobanko JF, Giordano CN, McMurray SL, Walker JL, Zhang J, Nguyen HP, Higgins II WH, Jariwala NN: Treatment of melanoma and melanoma in situ on the hands and feet with Mohs micrographic surgery leads to lower local recurrence when compared with wide local excision. American Society for Dermatologic Surgery Annual Meeting Oct 2024.

Valdes Morales KL, Frankel D, Trifoi MD, Naik A, Lubeck M, Perla G, Venkatesh S, Han NA, Wu G, Kuppusamy K, Haynes D, Lewis DJ, Giordano CN, Walker JL, Zhang J, Higgins II WH, Etzkorn JR, Sobanko JF, Brody RM, Miller VJ: Sentinel lymph node biopsy in head and neck melanomas treated with Mohs Micrographic Surgery: A multidisciplinary approach. Poster Presentation, American College of Mohs Surgery Annual Meeting May 2024.

Veerabagu SA, Aizman L, Cheng B, Lee MP, Barbieri JS, Golda N, Carrington AE, Mitevski AW, Bittar P, Carr DR, Eisen DB, Somani AK, Miller CJ, Sobanko JF, Shin TM, Higgins Ii HW, Giordano CN, Etzkorn JR: Antibiotic adherence in dermatologic surgery: a Multicenter prospective cohort study. Arch Dermatol Res 316(5): 174, May 2024.

Sharma M, Lin SK, Russell LB, Deitermann AB, Lubeck M, Miller CJ, Etzkorn JR, Higgins II WH, Giordano CN, Walker JL, Zhang J, Sobanko JF: Methods of studying skin cancer treatment costs: A scoping review Clinical Research - Epidemiology and Observational Research. Society for Investigative Dermatology Annual Meeting May 2024.

Frankel D, Valdes Morales KL, Trifoi MD, Lin SK, Deitermann AM, Banala M, Zhang E, Easo N, Lubeck M, Haynes D, Lewis DJ, Nugent ST, Daneshpajouhnejad P, Modi M, Sobanko JF, Giordano CN, Walker JL, Zhang J, Higgins HW, Jariwala NN, Miller CJ: Risk of positive margins, reconstruction before margin clearance, and local recurrence for acral melanomas treated with Mohs micrographic surgery versus conventional excision at a single academic institution. American College of Mohs Surgery Annual Meeting May 2024.

Haynes D, Valdes K, Frankel D, Trifoi M, Miller CJ, Sobanko JF, Etzkorn JR, Giordano CN, Walker JL, Zhang J, Lewis DJ, Higgins II HW: Re-evaluating Tumor Staging Criteria in Merkel Cell Carcinoma Using the SEER Database. Poster Presentation, American College of Mohs Surgery Annual Meeting May 2024.

Zhang J, Lee V, Elenitsas R, McMurray SL, Sobanko JF, Briceño CA, Mehta S, Miller CJ: Frozen Section Histoanatomy of the Peritarsal Eyelid. Dermatol Surg Apr 2024.

Trifoi M, Frankel D, Valdes Morales KL, Gupta R, Lubeck M, Lewis DJ, Sobanko JF, Walker JL, Higgins II HW, Miller: Differences in Subclinical Spread and Reconstruction Complexity between Melanoma in Situ and Malignant Melanoma on the Ear Treated with Mohs Micrographic Surgery. Poster Presentation at the 101st Atlantic Dermatological Conference Apr 2024.

Dirr MA, Ahmed A, Schlessinger DI, Haq M, Shi V, Koza E, Ma M, Christensen RE, Ibrahim SA, Schmitt J, Johannsen L, Asai Y, Baldwin HE, Berardesca E, Berman B, Vieira AC, Chien AL, Cohen DE, Del Rosso JQ, Dosal J, Drake LA, Feldman SR, Fleischer AB Jr, Friedman A, Graber E, Harper JC, Helfrich YR, Jemec GB, Johnson SM, Katta R, Lio P, Maier LE, Martin G, Nagler AR, Neuhaus IM, Palamar M, Parish LC, Rosen T, Shumack SP, Solomon JA, Tanghetti EA, Webster GF, Weinkle A, Weiss JS, Wladis EJ, Maher IA, Sobanko JF, Cartee TV, Cahn BA, Alam M; IMPROVED-COS Rosacea Working Group; Kang BY, Iyengar S, Anvery N, Alpsoy E, Bewley A, Dessinioti C, Egeberg A, Engin B, Gollnick HPM, Ioannides D, Kim HS, Lazaridou E, Li J, Lim HG, Micali G, de Oliveira CMM, Noguera-Morel L, Parodi A, Reinholz M, Suh DH, Sun Q, van Zuuren EJ, Wollina U, Zhou Y, Zip C, Poon E, Pearlman R.: Rosacea Core Domain Set for Clinical Trials and Practice: A Consensus Statement. JAMA Dermatol Apr 2024.

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