John Charles O'Donnell, BA, MS, PhD

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Research Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery
Department: Neurosurgery
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Contact information
3900 Woodland Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19104
BA (Biology, Philosophy Minor)
LaSalle University, 2004.
MS (Biology)
Towson University, 2009.
PhD (Neuropharmacology)
University of Pennsylvania, 2016.
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Description of Research Expertise

Traumatic Brain Injury; Disorders of Consciousness; Neurotrauma Rehabilitation and Recovery; Neuroregenerative Medicine; Neurotherapeutics Development; Tissue Engineering to Facilitate Repair, Regeneration, and Recovery after Neurotrauma and Neurodegeneration; Astrocytes; Mitochondria; Biomedical Translation/Commercialization

Selected Publications

John C. O’Donnell, Randel L. Swanson, Kathryn L. Wofford, Michael R. Grovola, Erin M. Purvis, Dmitriy Petrov, & D. Kacy Cullen: Emerging Approaches for Regenerative Rehabilitation Following Traumatic Brain Injury. Regenerative Rehabilitation - From Basic Science to the Clinic. Greising, S.M., Call, J.A. (eds.). Springer, Page: pp 409–459, June 2022.

Purvis EM, O’Donnell JC*, Cullen DK* : Unique Astrocyte Cytoskeletal and Nuclear Morphology in a Three-Dimensional Tissue-Engineered Rostral Migratory Stream. Neuroglia 3(1), March 2022.

John C. O’Donnell, Kevin D. Browne, Svetlana Kvint, Saarang Karandikar, Daniel Han, Michael R. Grovola, Todd J. Kilbaugh, D. Kacy Cullen, Dmitriy Petrov: Multimodal Neuromonitoring and Neurocritical Care of Traumatic Brain Injury in Swine. National Neurotrauma Society 2022.

Wofford KL, Grovola MR, Adewole DO, Browne KD, Putt ME, O'Donnell JC*, Cullen DK*: Relationships between injury kinematics, neurological recovery, and pathology following concussion. Brain Communications Volume 3(Issue 4), Nov 2021 Notes: *Co-Senior Authors.

O'Donnell JC, Purvis EM, Helm KVT, Adewole DO, Zhang Q, Le AD, Cullen DK.: An implantable human stem cell-derived tissue-engineered rostral migratory stream for directed neuronal replacement. Commun Biol 4(1): 879, Jul 2021.

John C. O'Donnell: Deriving astrocytes from adult human gingiva to build an autologous implantable highway for neural precursor cell migration in the brain. July 2021.

Carolyn E. Keating, D. Kacy Cullen: Mechanosensation in traumatic brain injury. Neurobiology of Disease 148: 105210, January 2021 Notes: Provided discussion, feedback, and reviewed manuscript drafts.

Purvis E.M., O’Donnell J.C., Helm K.V.T., Adewole D.O., Zhang Q., Le A.D., Cullen D.K.: Development and characterization of an implantable tissue-engineered rostral migratory stream for directed neuronal replacement. Society for Neuroscience 2021 Notes: Poster Presentation.

Panzer KV, Burrell JC, Helm KVT, Purvis EM, Zhang Q, Le AD, O'Donnell JC, Cullen DK: Tissue Engineered Bands of Büngner for Accelerated Motor and Sensory Axonal Outgrowth. Front Bioeng Biotechnol 8: 580654, Nov 2020 Notes: eCollection2020.

Elisia M. Clark, John C. O’Donnell, Laura A. Struzyna, H. Isaac Chen, John E. Duda, and D. Kacy Cullen: Engineered microtissue as an anatomically inspired model of Parkinson's disease. Current Opinion in Biomedical Engineering 14: 75–83, June 2020.

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