Thomas W Conlon, MD

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Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology and Critical Care at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Department: Anesthesiology and Critical Care

Contact information
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
34th Street and Civic Center Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19104-4399
Office: 267-426-9967
Fax: 215-590-3934
BA (Science & Technology Studies)
Cornell University, 2000.
MD (Medicine)
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, 2006.
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Selected Publications

Conlon T, Kessler D, Su E: Chapter 42: Pediatrics. Point of Care Ultrasound. Nilam Soni, Robert Arntfield, Pierre Kory (eds.). Elsevir, 2nd Edition, 2018 Notes: In Press.

Walker S, Conlon TW, Zhang B, Mensinger J, Fitzgerald JC, Himebauch A, Glau C, Nishisaki A, Ranjit S, Nadkarni VM, Weiss SL: Application of clinical signs to differentiate warm versus cold pediatric septic shock. Pediatric Academic Societies May 2018 Notes: Poster Presentation at PAS Meeting, May 2018, Toronto, Canada.

Wenger J, Conlon T, Burzynski J, Hirshberg E, Sanchez de Toledo J, Horowitz R, McGuire J, von Saint Andre-von Arnim A: Department-Based Bedside Ultrasound Training Feasibility and Assessment of Barriers and Utilization. Critical Care Medicine Feb 2018.

Himebauch AS, Wang Y, Yehya N, Conlon TW, Kilbaugh TJ, McGowan F, Mercer-Roisa L: PARDS etiology is an important determinant of early RV dysfunction and pulmonary hypertension. Critical Care Medicine February 2018 Notes: Star Research Presentation at 47th Critical Care Congress, February 25, 2018, San Antonio, TX (Oral Presentation by Himebauch AS)

Stephanie Black, MD, EdM, Donald Boyer, MD, MSEd, Jodi Chen, MD, Thomas Conlon, MD, John Fiadjoe, MD, Harshad Gurnaney, MBBS, Emily Gordon, MD, MSEd, Shanique Kilgallon, MD, Justin Lockman, MD, MSEd, Akira Nishisaki, MD, Alan Jay Schwartz, MD, MSEd : Novel Organizational Restructuring Supports Education Program Excellence: A Departmental Experience. CHOP Education Symposium Jan 2018.

Jordan Ruby, MD, Thomas Conlon, MD, Elaina Lin, MD, John Fiadjoe, MD, Wallis T. Muhly, MD, Michael Puglia, MD, Matthew Pearsall, MD, Justin L. Lockman, MD, MSEd, Akira Nishisaki, MD, MSCE, Alan J. Schwartz, MD, MSEd : Perception of bedside ultrasound skill and clinical utility in the perioperative setting: a Division of General Anesthesiology needs assessment survey CHOP Education Symposium Jan 2018.

Christie L. Glau, MD; Thomas W. Conlon, MD; Adam S. Himebauch, MD; Nadir Yehya, MD; Scott L. Weiss, MD, MSCE, FCCM; Robert A. Berg, MD, FCCM; Akira Nishisaki, MD, MSCE: Progressive Diaphragm Atrophy in Pediatric Acute Respiratory Failure Pediatric Critical Care Medicine 2018 Notes: In Press.

Conlon TW, Himebauch AS, Cahill AM, Kraus BM, Madu CR, Weber MD, Czajka CA, Baker RL, Brinkley TM, Washington MD, Frey AM, Nelson EM, Jefferies CT, Woods-Hill CZ, Wolfe HA, Davis DH: Development and implementation of a bedside PICU service in a pediatric intensive care unit. Pediatric Critical Care Medicine In Press 2018.

Kim J, Su E, Fraga M, Conlon T: Chapter 43: Neonatology. Point of Care Ultrasound. Nilam Soni, Robert Arntfield, Pierre Kory (eds.). Elsevir, 2nd Edition, 2018 Notes: In Press.

Glau, Christie; Conlon, Thomas; Himebauch, Adam; Boyer, Donald; Rosenblatt, Samuel; Nishisaki, Akira: Characterization of Thoracic Pathophysiology in Patients on High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation: Pediatric Experience. Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine Epub ahead of print 2018.

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