David R. Weber, MD

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Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Department: Pediatrics

Contact information
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Roberts Center for Pediatric Research
2716 South Street, Room 14361
Philadelphia, PA 19146
Office: 215-590-3174
BA (Biology)
Carleton College, 2002.
MD (Medicine)
University of Kansas School of Medicine, 2007.
MSCE (Epidemiology)
University of Pennsylvania, 2013.
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Selected Publications

Gil Diaz MC, Rahman R, Graulich B, Weber DR: Comparison of standard and size-adjusted DXA measurements in children with severe bone disease. Pediatric Academic Society, Philadelphia PA May 2021.

Weber DR, Gil Diaz MC, Louis S, Rackovsky N, Rahmani R, Stauber SD: A Quality Improvement Project to Address the Challenges Surrounding Zoledronic Acid Use in Children. J Bone Miner Metab Apr 2021 Notes: In Press.

Stoffers A, Weber DR, Tryce S, Pizza J, Levine MA, Edna M: The Effect of Zoledronic Acid on Reducing Fracture Rates in Youth with Osteogenesis Imperfecta and Other Forms of Osteoporosis. Pediatric Endocrine Society/Eastern Society for Pediatric Research, oral abstract March 2021.

Graulich B, Irizarry K, Orlowski C, Wittlieb-Weber CA, Weber DR: Severe Multi-System Organ Dysfunction in an Adolescent with Simultaneous Presentation of Addison’s and Graves’ Disease. J Pediatr Endocrinol Metab 15(34(3)): 411-415, March 2021.

Weber DR: Bone Health in Childhood Chronic Disease. Endocrinol Metab Clin North Am 49(4): 637-650, December 2020.

Baker, JF, Harris, T, Rapoport A, Ziolkowski SL, Leonard MB, Long J, Zemel, B, Weber DR: Validation of a Description of Sarcopenic Obesity Defined as Excess Adiposity and Low Lean Mass Relative to Adiposity. J Cachexia Sacropeni 8(6): 1580-89, December 2020.

Eswarakumar AS, Ma NS, Ward L, Backeljauw P, Wasserman H, Weber DR, DiMeglio AL, Imel EA, Gagne J, Cody D, Zimakas P, Topor LS, Agrawal S, Calabria A, Tebben P, Faircloth R, Gordon R, Casey, Carpenter T: Long-term follow up of hypophosphatemic bone disease associated with elemental formula use: sustained correction of bone disease after formula change or phosphate supplementation. Clin Pediatr 59(12): 1080-1085, October 2020.

Weber DR, O’Brien KO, Rackovsky N, Schwartz GJ: Urinary Calcium Excretion is Negatively Associated with Bone Mineral Accrual in Youth with Type 1 Diabetes. American Society for Bone and Mineral Research September 2020.

Numbereye N, Weber DR, Porter G, Anwar I: A 235 Kb deletion at 17q21.33 encompassing the COL1A1 gene, and two additional secondary copy number variants in an infant with type I Osteogenesis Imperfecta: A rare case report. Mol Genet Genomic Med 8(6), June 2020.

Alten ED, Chaturvedi A, Cullimore M, Fallon AA, Habben L, Hughes I, O’Malley NT, Rahimi H, Renodin-Mead, Schmidt BL, Weinberg GA, Weber DR: No longer A historical ailment: Two cases of childhood scurvy with recommendations for bone health providers. Osteoporosis International 31(5): 1001-1005, May 2020.

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