Saba Ghassemi, PhD

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Research Assistant Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Department: Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Contact information
Center for Cellular Immunotherapies
3400 Civic Center Blvd
9-101 SPE
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 212-898-5040
B.Sc. (Mechanical Engineering)
K.N.T. University of Technology, 2001.
M.Sc. (Mechanical Engineering)
Villanova University, 2004.
M.Phil. (Mechanical Engineering)
Columbia University, 2010.
Ph.D. (Mechanical Engineering)
Columbia University, 2011.
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Description of Research Expertise

CAR-T cell manufacturing; T cell activation, proliferation and differentiation; Lentiviral, retroviral and mRNA-based gene transfer; Nano-engineered cell culture platforms; Microfluidics

Selected Publications

Lunan Liu, Chao Ma, Zhuoyu Zhang, Matthew T Witkowski, Iannis Aifantis, Saba Ghassemi, Weiqiang Chen: Computational model of CAR T-cell immunotherapy dissects and predicts leukemia patient responses at remission, resistance, and relapse. Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer December 2022.

Behnia Akbari, Zahra Hosseini, Pardis Shahabinejad, SabaGhassemi, Hamid RezaMirzaei, Roddy S.O'Connor: Metabolic and epigenetic orchestration of (CAR) T cell fate and function. Cancer Letters October 2022.

Joseph S Durgin, Radhika Thokala, Lexus Johnson, Edward Song, John Leferovich 1, Vijay Bhoj, Saba Ghassemi, Michael Milone, Zev Binder, Donald M O'Rourke, Roddy S O'Connor: Enhancing CAR T Function with the Engineered Secretion of C. Perfringens Neuraminidase. Molecular therapy Mar 2022.

Saba Ghassemi, Joseph S. Durgin, Selene Nunez-Cruz, Jai Patel, John Leferovich1, Marilia Pinzone, Feng Shen, Katherine D. Cummins, Gabriela Plesa, Vito Adrian Cantu, Shantan Reddy, Frederic D. Bushman, Saar I. Gill, Una O'Doherty, Roddy S. O’Connor, Michael C. Milone: Rapid manufacturing of non-activated potent CAR T cells. Nature Biomedical Engineering February 2022.

Navid Ghahri-Saremi, Behnia Akbari, Tahereh Soltantoyeh, Jamshid Hadjati, Saba Ghassemi, Hamid Reza Mirzaei1: Genetic Modification of Cytokine Signaling to Enhance Efficacy of CAR T Cell Therapy in Solid Tumors. Front. Immunol October 2021.

Juan C Garcia-Canaveras, David Heo, Sophie Trefely, John Leferovich, Chong Xu, Benjamin I Philipson, Saba Ghassemi, Michael C Milone, Edmund K Moon, Nathaniel W Snyder, Carl H June, Joshua D Rabinowitz, Roddy S O'Connor: CAR T-Cells Depend on the Coupling of NADH Oxidation with ATP Production. Cells September 2021.

Behnia Akbari, Navid Ghahri-Saremi, Tahereh Soltantoyeh, Jamshid Hadjati, Saba Ghassemi, Hamid Reza Mirzaei: Epigenetic strategies to boost CAR T cell therapy. Molecular Therapy. 2021 Aug 5;S1525-0016(21)00397-X. doi: 10.1016/j.ymthe.2021.08.003. August 2021.

Saba Ghassemi, Francisco J. Martinez-Becerra, Alyssa M. Master, Sarah A. Richman, David Heo, John Leferovich, Yitao Tu, Juan Carlos Garcia-Canaveras, Asma Ayari, Yinan Lu, Ai Wang, Joshua D. Rabinowitz, Michael C. Milone, Roddy S. O’Connor: Enhancing Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR)-T cell anti-tumor function through advanced media design Molecular Therapy Methods & clinical Development 18(no issue number): 595-606, July 2020.

Saba Ghassemi, Michael C Milone: Manufacturing Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T Cells for Adoptive Immunotherapy. Journal of Visualized Experiments 154(no issue number): no page number, Dec 2019.

Ghassemi S, Nunez-Cruz S, O'Connor RS, Fraietta JA, Patel PR, Scholler J, Barrett DM, Lundh SM, Davis MM, Bedoya F, Leferovich J, Lacey SF, Levine BL, Grupp SA, June CH, Melenhorst JJ, Milone MC: Reducing Ex Vivo Culture Improves the Anti-leukemic Activity of Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T Cells. Cancer Immunol Res 6(9): 1100-1109, September 2018.

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