Cecile M Denis, PhD

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Research Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
Research Associate, Department of Psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA (USA)
Department: Psychiatry

Contact information
Department of Psychiatry
HIV Prevention Research Division
3535 Market St
Suite 4000
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-898-1825
Lab: 215-898-1825
BS (Biochemistry)
University of Poitiers, France, 2000.
MSc (Biochemistry)
University of Liverpool, United Kingdom , 2001.
MSc (Neuropsychopharmacology and Addiction)
University of Bordeaux, France , 2002.
Degree (Statistics and Epidemiology)
University of Bordeaux, France, 2003.
PhD (Psychology and Addiction)
University of Bordeaux, France , 2009.
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Description of Research Expertise

substance use disorder
Infectious disease
Mental health
Study design

Selected Publications

Alexandre J-M, Serre F, Denis C, Fatseas M, Auriacombe M. : Les Addictions [Addiction] Lejoyeux M, Paris: Elsevier Masson. Lejoyeux, M (eds.). Elsevier Masson, October 2023.

Chapron, S.A., Kervran, C., Da Rosa, M., Fournet, L., Shmulewitz, D., Hasin, D., Denis, C., Collombat, J., Monsaingeon, M., Fatseas, M., Gatta-Cherifi, B., Serre, F., Auriacombe, M.: Does food use disorder exist? Item response theory analyses of a food use disorder adapted from the DSM-5 substance use disorder criteria in a treatment seeking clinical sample. Drug Alcohol Depend 251, 2023.

Roux P, Jauffret-Roustide M, Donadille C, Briand Madrid L, Denis C, Célérier I, Chauvin C, Hamelin N, Maradan G, Carrieri MP, Protopopescu C, Lalanne L, Auriacombe M;: Impact of drug consumption rooms on non-fatal overdoses, abscesses and emergency department visits in people who inject drugs in France: results from the COSINUS cohort. Int J Epidemiol. 52(2): 562-76, 2023.

Denis C., Smith P., Kampman K., Benitez J., Dugosh K., Metzger D. : Engagement in OUD treatment 6 months after community-based intervention. 85th Annual Meeting - College on Problems of Drug Dependence; June 17-21, 2023; Denver, CO, USA 2023.

Denis C., Kampman K., Benitez J., Dugosh K., Metzger D. : Project RIDE: Accessible and acceptable mobile strategy for community based MOUD engagement. 84th Annual Meeting - College on Problems of Drug Dependence; June 11-15, 2022; Minneapolis, MN, USA 2022.

Denis C, Dominique T, Smith P, Fiore D, Ku Y-C, Dunbar D, Brown D, Daramay M, Voytek C, Morales K, Blank M, Crits-Christoph P, Douglas S, Spitsin S, Frank I, Colon-Rivera K, Montaner L, Metzger D, Evans D. : HIV Infection and Depression Among Opiate Users in a US Epicenter of the Opioid Epidemic. AIDS Behavior 25(7): 2230-2239, July 2021.

Denis C., Kampman K., Benitez J., Barclay D., Dugosh K., Festinger D., Metzger D. : Adjustment of the project RIDE due to COVID-19: opportunities for future treatment engagement strategies? 2nd CPDD Virtual Scientific Meeting; June 21-24, 2021 2021.

Brown LA, Denis CM, Leon A, Blank MB, Douglas SD, Morales KH, Crits-Christoph PF, Metzger DS, Evans DL. : Number of opioid overdoses and depression as a predictor of suicidal thoughts. Drug Alcohol Depend. 224: 108728, 2021.

Kervran C, Shmulewitz D, Serre F, Denis C, Roux P, Jauffret-Roustide M, Lalanne L, Hasin D, Auriacombe M. : Do DSM-5 substance use disorder criteria differ by user care settings? An Item Response Theory analysis approach. Addict Behav. 116, 2021.

Becher J., Denis C., Trias V., Voisin A., Auriacombe M., Raguin G., J-P. Daulouède J-P., O’Brien C., Metzger D. : Cost of an opiate use disorder treatment program collocated with a HIV clinic in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. NIDA Virtual International Conference; June 21-24, 2021 2021.

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