Elizabeth M. Moore, MD, MSHPM

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Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry
Department: Psychiatry

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AB (Human Evolutionary Biology, magna cum laude, minor in Health Policy)
Harvard University, 2009.
MD (Kligman Scholarship recipient)
Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, 2015.
MS (Masters of Science in Health Policy and Management)
UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, 2020.
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Selected Publications

Ijadi-Maghsoodi R, Moore EM, Feller S, Cohenmehr J, Ryan GW, Kataoka S, Gelberg L.: Beyond housing: Understanding community integration among homeless-experienced veteran families in the United States. Health Soc Care Community. 30(2): e493-e503, Feb 2022.

Goodsmith N, Moore EM, Siddiq H, Barceló SE, Ulloa-Flores E, Loera G, Jones F, Aguilar-Gaxiola S, Wells K, Arevian A.: Community-Partnered Development of a Digital Mental Health Resource Website to Support Diverse Communities During the COVID-19 Pandemic. J Health Care Poor Underserved. 33(1): 506-516, 2022.

Moore E, Ijadi-Maghsoodi R, Soh M, Alessi C, Gelberg L. : Sleepless in Los Angeles: Understanding Sleep Disturbances Among Homeless Veterans. AcademyHealth. July 2020 Notes: *Meeting online due to COVID-19.

Moore EM, Cheng TH, Castillo EG, Gelberg L, Ijadi-Maghsoodi R.: Understanding Homelessness: A Call to Action and Curriculum Framework for Psychiatry Residencies. Acad Psychiatry. 44(3): 344-351, June 2020.

Arevian AC, Jones F, Moore EM, Goodsmith N, Aguilar-Gaxiola S, Ewing T, Siddiq H, Lester P, Cheung E, Ijadi-Maghsoodi R, Gabrielian S, Sugarman OK, Bonds C, Benitez C, Innes-Gomberg D, Springgate B, Haywood C, Meyers D, Sherin JE, Wells K.: Mental Health Community and Health System Issues in COVID-19: Lessons from Academic, Community, Provider and Policy Stakeholders. Ethnicity and Disease 30(4): 695-700, Feb 2020.

Castillo EG, Ijadi-Maghsoodi R, Shadravan S, Moore E, Mensah MO 3rd, Docherty M, Aguilera Nunez MG, Barcelo N, Goodsmith N, Halpin LE, Morton I, Mango J, Montero AE, Koushkaki SR, Bromley E, Chung B, Jones F, Gabrielian S, Gelberg L, Greenberg JM, Kalofonos I, Kataoka SH, Miranda J, Pincus HA, Zima BT, Wells KB.: Community Interventions to Promote Mental Health and Social Equity. Focus (Am Psychiatr Publ). 18(1): 60-70, Jan 2020.

Moore E. : Portal Use among Homeless-Experienced Veterans. National Clinician Scholars Program Annual Meeting 2020.

Warde CM, Linzer M, Schorling JB, Moore EM, Poplau S.: Balancing Unbalanced Lives: A Practical Framework for Personal and Organizational Change. Mayo Clin Proc Innov Qual Outcomes 26(3): 97-100, Feb 2019

Moore E, Soh M, Stuber M, Warde C.: Well-being for trainees caring for homeless veterans. Clin Teach. 16(4): 367-372, Aug 2019.

Moore E, Feller S, Gelberg L, Ryan G, Kataoka S, Ijadi-Maghsoodi R. : Beyond Housing: Understanding Community Integration Among Recently Homeless Veteran Families. American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting; New York City, New York. May 2019.

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